Hello, i am new... i need help in other to help...
Posted by: ahmedshittu
Date: May 20, 2011 03:07PM

Just wanted to know what programming language you use for this. I would like to know before i download or check the source code, thanks, looks like a cool project too. I love open source....

Re: Hello, i am new... i need help in other to help...
Posted by: guenter
Date: May 20, 2011 08:40PM

K-Meleon.exe und kplugins are C++.

To work on the exe (or recompile it) You need a commercial Microsoft Visual C 8.
For VC8 I do not know where to get a free or a trial edition.

Probably VC9 works also. Take that with a grain of salt. I am no developer. grinning smiley

I managed somehow to recompile the exe with VC9 but the result was not stable enough.

A 90 days trial edition of VC9 can be downloaded from MS.

To work on the kplugins or to recompile them You only need free tools such as VC8 or VC9 Express.

You can also use the GCC compiler or Microsoft Visual C Toolkit 2003.
"Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 still in use" by Mateusz Loskot gives detailed info on what is needed.
The article is about setting it up for other projects but the info will also help here.

To build the GRE and the SDK to work on or recompile the kplugins with free tools You also need a Microsoft SDK.

And You need a current MozillaBuild package to run the GRE build process.

See the Mozilla build instructions for details.

If You want to work with free tools You need DSL conection or some fast flatrate.
The tools are several GB download.

K-Meleon also has a macro language of its own. So if You code macros You need nothing but an editor.

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