neptune plugin and greasemeleon
Posted by: stinkytaco
Date: May 03, 2011 10:43PM

I'm curious if anyone's had luck getting the Neptune plugin to work with the most recent K-Meleon releases. The last I saw on it was here. I'm running a kiosk and trying to get it to open an IE page automatically upon loading the page. In Opera I can use a users javascript for that purpose, but the closest equivalent I can find for K-Meleon is GreaseMeleon. Any thoughts on how I might do this?

Re: neptune plugin and greasemeleon
Posted by: disrupted(unlogged)
Date: May 05, 2011 02:28AM

you don't need gresemeleon or macro to use neptune. the script should be in the web page and not injected by the browser.
neptune is available on mplugs page
extract in plugins folder and restart kmeleon or abouttongue sticking out smileylugins
test there:

it's rather obsolete as windows update or other ms sites now accommodate non-ie browsers, if you just want to test ie rendering; there are 2 extensions that offer that..namely:ie renderer and ietab

Re: neptune plugin and greasemeleon
Posted by: stinkytaco
Date: May 11, 2011 10:18PM

The needs are actually really particular. I have an IE only site (believe it or not) that I need to support, but the same link needs to work in both K-Meleon and IE (it's from an Intranet). What I do is trigger a Greasemeleon script when the link is clicked in K-Meleon which overwrites the webpage with the Neptune frame. That way K-Meleon users and IE users can use it without seperate links.

I suppose I should have updated this. I did get it to work. I had some issues with my initial Greasemeleon script, but using javascript to detect the element and then terminate the loading if it exists seems to load Neptune no problem.

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