How to add these search engines?
Posted by: corrma
Date: March 16, 2011 01:04PM
Re: How to add these search engines?
Posted by: luk3Z
Date: March 16, 2011 07:32PM

F2 -> Browsing -> Finding Websites -> Search Engines

If you can't add new you can edit/modify existent one.

Best regards.
How to install Firefox addons in KM 76 RC:,141979

Re: How to add these search engines?
Posted by: siria
Date: March 16, 2011 09:33PM

Yes, but I'm afraid that doesn't always work on all machines anymore...

Not sure why and when. At any rate the only way that helped myself and someone else recently, was to add new entries directly in about:config
So I'd suggest to try the normal way first, and if no luck, just use that universal way to add prefs ;)

Yet another alternative:
Another possibility is to create an own file with the desired prefs and put it into the default prefs folder, from where they get read at each browser start.
At first this is a bit more complicated, but if one often creates new profiles (like me), or tries new browser versions with 'mostly' default settings, then I find it easier to just copy over one file than a bunch of single prefs.

Example: Copy the blue text below into e.g. Notepad and save it as e.g. "my_searchengines.js", but make sure it has no ".txt" extension:

/******** Must be in program folder ....k-meleon/defaults/pref ********/
// Changes take effect after a restart
// Or add or change entries immediately in 'about:config' page (=stored in prefs.js in profile)
// ! There must be no 'holes' in numbering (check about:config first, replace 91,92,etc)
// Tip: Put a backup-copy into your profile folder
// If containing special characters, this file should be in UTF-8 encoding

pref("", " - classico");
pref("", "";);

pref("", "kijiji");
pref("", "";);

pref("", "LEO EN - DE Woerterbuch");
pref("", "";);


Just a few example entries. Should work after a browser restart, and you can still call about:config and change those entries there too.

IMPORTANT: Change 91, 92, 93 etc. to your own numbers!
Same prob here as with User Agents, the menu stops building if a 'hole' between number is found. If you skip a number (like 1,2,7,8,...) KM thinks this were the end of your list. So open 'about:config' first and look which number was your last one, then start counting from there.

PS: I especially like to also have a separate file for useragents, it's just handier and easier to find. Suggestion to make this default ;-)

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Re: How to add these search engines?
Posted by: guenter
Date: March 16, 2011 10:56PM

Ebay All Categories:

If You do only know the URL. You install the Live HTTP Header extension and look what messages they are send while You use the search field.

Copy one message that looks good, paste it to the URL bar and try with other words what they do.

And possibly have to shorten them - like I did with the ebay URL..
You do not get good results always.

When You have found the actual search code ->

You do as suggested by our friends from .PL and .DE greetings to You all.

Re: How to add these search engines?
Posted by: siria
Date: March 20, 2011 01:12PM

Forgot a little detail in my code sheet above: The numbers 91,92, etc. must be replaced with the own number of engines, or the new ones will not appear in the menu. The engine menu needs 'serial' numbers, no holes in between, not skipping a number in the middle, or it stops listing the rest.
So open about:config first and look which number was your last "engine", then start counting up from there.

Frankly, while this works nicely, the 'normal' KM way with configuration in the prefs sheets would be much nicer of course, but that just doesn't work for me anymore. Yet vice-versa, the engines added by manually adding prefs don't show up in the settings sheets, only in the menu on the button!

Re: How to add these search engines?
Posted by: corrma
Date: March 29, 2011 03:46PM

Thanks for your help.
I used the two adresses that you posted for and for and added them to the list of search engines using the "configure" menu of KM. They work!!

I understand that I should use the Header extension add-on to get the ather adresses I need, but I don't know how to use this add-on.

Could you please find them for me? smiling smiley

Re: How to add these search engines?
Posted by: siria
Date: March 29, 2011 04:35PM

Uhm, not really any extension needed I think. All you need is to take a look at your URL bar after manually doing a search with exactly the options you want. And then copy the whole line from the URL bar into your configuration, just delete your searched word from it (mostly at the end, after a "=")

Example: Lets say you did a search for "TESTING", then this word will appear in the URL bar after a manual search. Now delete this word in the URL and copy the rest into your configuration.
You can look at the other examples to easier understand the system.

The problem is just that your other 3 websites have too many options that you need to input, like marca, modello, anno, etc., and we cannot know which of these you want, and want for EVERY search there. So you can either use the method just described to get exactly your choices, OR just take your links from your first post, as they are, to just open the search page without any pre-filled options...

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Re: How to add these search engines?
Posted by: siria
Date: April 23, 2011 09:11AM

Finally realized why the search engine configuration via Preferences (F2) didn't work anymore here:
My #6 engine in about:config had only a "name", but no "url" definition!
Easily fixed by either "Reset" the name entry, or by adding a url to that name.

Funnily, the web search menu on the globe button is built until the next serial number has no "name" anymore, but doesn't care if there's also an URL with it.
While in F2>Finding websites>Web Search, the entries are listed until the next serial number has no url, then the list stops.

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