Re: CNET article on browser
Posted by: panzer
Date: March 09, 2010 02:39AM

I don't like to use c-net and k-meleon in the same sentence but I was glad to see the k-meleon user agent spoofing comments get coverage in the cnet article, didn't know that was Disrupted.

The fact that Disrupted is from Greece (or Cyprus or just living abroad) was also total suprise for me.

Now just Desga has to said he is not an unemployed poet from Sevilla (or Oviedo), who is great admirerer of Garcia Lorca and that JamesD is not RAF pilot from a wealthy aristocratic family and that Gunther is not employee at Hannover Re who likes beer and wurst well than I think I will loose any faith in my ability to predict who the different users really are. grinning smiley

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