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Rareware :-)
Posted by: rodocop
Date: November 26, 2011 06:54PM

I've started this thread instead of filling in "Freeware"-topic just because this relates to some old peace of code and his author, Fahim A. Farook.

Also there is some story about me and that software.

Be brief, it was my first alternative browser, found just at Millenium. Scope was my step out from traditional choice dichotomy between IE and Netscape. And not only it provides to users many power features that IE lacked and which are the standard nowadays, but - that sounded as brand new word in 2000 - it was multiengine tool, able to render html by Trident and Gecko.

Than the big browser wars begun and Scope "disappeared" - even the homepage became closed.

And one of these days I wondered to find link to Scope page alive.

So I've got it and run: surprisingly, it works and more wonderful it handles both engines while when I try it 10 years ago it refuses to properly work with Gecko.

Now I think it's real alternative for those using extremely old hardware (P3 and older) where most modern browsers look too heavy and ancient ones cannot compare with Scope in terms of handling modern web technologies: 53/100 on Acid3 and whole perfomance as in FF 1.5.
The only requirement is to download Mozilla ActiveX Control here and install it.

Perfomance of Scope isn't error-free nor in IE-mode neither by Gecko, but there are still multitude of sites it renders properly (for example - our Forum :-).

Surfing through Farook's site I see it would be good idea to use Scope as gateway to other cool stuff by author:
  • useful Blog-client named (surprize!) Blog
  • mass FTP-uploader BOB
  • project time tracker Loafer
  • batch thumbnailer Nailer
  • Explorer extension to rename multiple files easily RenX
  • visual CSS colour scheme generator Schemer
  • web snippets utility Snipper
and so on.

All them are small, accurate, free and easy :-) Though author stops developing Windows apps in 2009, they are still usable and useful.

Like Farook's style? Want more? Try his Mobile&web apps

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