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a concept error in the browsers
Posted by: robert
Date: November 13, 2011 12:43AM

All the browsers that I know have a concept error. Or is the windows the cause?
The error is that the computers don't give preference to the orders of the keyboard and the mouse. The most hateful is when the computer doesn't obey the order to stop.
This order the ocmputer should obey quickly. There's no excuse.
Is it so difficult to change? or are the specilists very hard brained?
Sometimes the answers in this forum helped me very much. But when I write about this question, my post gen. disappears.

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Re: a concept error in the browsers
Posted by: k-killer
Date: November 14, 2011 05:26AM

I agree with you but I don't have an answer. I've had to kill K-Meleon task a few times recently. The problem seems related to bloated webpages exceeding the capacity of my ancient PC's MHz and RAM, either by putting too many KB into the page, or more rarely by bloated scripts.

Look here:,113723,113954,117381,117381

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Re: a concept error in the browsers
Posted by: jtbo
Date: November 27, 2011 05:01AM

I think that it is Windows, as Windows is built so that User Interface is not given priority, it is very evident when you put some load on hard disk, your UI becomes slow, but there are other Operating Systems that priorize UI more, so your commands are registered immediately and other task are put to wait instead.

I don't know if it would be possible with Windows, but I think there are possibilities to give at least little more smoothness by priorizing UI.

During last year Youtube for example made changes that have caused some big annoyances to appear, if clip is loading and you click other clip link, it takes very very long time to page actually change, that is example of poor UI priorizing.

However when making programs, especially with Visual Studio, you get only to choose what libraries to call to draw buttons, then you get chance to tell what will happen when you press the button, but there is no easy way to tell that OS should let anything else wait. There is way to increase priority of process of course, you can do it from task manager for any program, but it can cause some undesired side effects.

Of course I know only tiny bit more than hello world programming in Visual C# and VB, so who knows, maybe there is a way, I have just not heard or seen from such yet.

I have used Linux and Macintosh and I think those do better job in this area, many times I find with those that user is the king who pulls the strings, with Windows this is not so, it is one drawback of windows, others have other drawbacks.

One way to ease frustration of program not obeying immediately can be putting some text box where one writes what program does, waiting and looking endless circle to rotate can be frustrating, but seeing that program actually is trying is not as frustrating, sadly modern software are going more and more to endless circle style.

It is same with web page that is loading, when you can see addresses changing at status bar while page loads it gives impression of browser working and doing stuff instead of just sitting idle while endless circle is rotating at some corner, even better if there is kilobytes running, maybe amount of images and how many are loaded etc.
Psychological tricks, it feels faster to load page that way than when staring endless loop, especially good with slow connections.

So even if it is not possible to make program actually do things immediately in Windows, it is possible to make user feels it does so and it is often enough.

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Re: a concept error in the browsers
Posted by: rodocop
Date: December 02, 2011 05:07PM

This is generally about bad scripting. Look first here:

and there:

So what is the solution? It's obvious:
1) try to block scripts - fully or partly. You can use NoScript or Policies Manager extensions.

My favorite way now is using dugbug's KM builds with speed and unscripting settings loaded

clickable image

This really helps to avoid freezing KM.

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