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seamonkey and facebook apps
Posted by: dana1971
Date: August 15, 2010 01:45AM

I really like seamonkey for the use on facebook, but every time I click on an app, farmtown for example...a box always pops up saying seamonkey has encountered a problem and must close...I can't get any apps to load with seamonkey. It doesn't do this with any other browser. Does anyone know why, and or a fix for this??

Thanks a bunch

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Re: seamonkey and facebook apps
Posted by: disrupted
Date: August 16, 2010 10:50PM

generally-speaking seamonkey is susceptible to similar problems as kmeleon.. and this sounds like a corrupted profile problem but it's better to post in their forum as they will provide better support and solutions

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Re: seamonkey and facebook apps
Posted by: WinME
Date: October 02, 2010 06:53PM

Do you know why SeaMonkey won't work with KernelEx like FF 3.6 does and the K-Meleon update is purported to?

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Re: seamonkey and KernelEx
Posted by: siria
Date: October 03, 2010 06:16PM

It does work, it's just waiting for you to tell it which windows version you want to be used for which programm cool smiley It is true that the "how to" is a bit neglected on the KernelEx project site...

Their *active* forum is here (along with tons of other win98/ME tools):

And quoting myself from here,110900 ;-)

Looks like you haven't figured out yet how the KernelEx options work, but that solves all your questions from above grinning smiley Just open your file explorer and right-click on the .exe or .dll file or a setup.exe you want to tune (e.g. on "k-meleon.exe"), click "properties", and you'll find a new tab for "compatibility" - there you can tell to program to run in XP or win2000 or win98se etc. mode smiling smiley Often needs some testing which setting works and what not. If I read that right over at their forum, KEx contains already some standard settings for programs like firefox and flash, that's why that runs automatically for you, and that's why you couldn't yet install Seamonkey etc: You didn't right click the seamonkey-setup.exe (or whatever name that file has) and haven't set it to another windows version, that's why they complain about your old windows! Just change their compatiblity tab and they'll think they're running on XP etc. cool smiley


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