Literature site Hacked!
Posted by: Daveski17
Date: January 11, 2010 08:55AM

I went to the Literature Junction website at about 11:45 pm GMT to find that it had been hacked by some group. The homepage was black with a message on it saying something like ‘This Site Has Been Hacked by ......’

I only stayed a few seconds & clicked off it as fast as I could so I didn’t really read who the hackers were. I have only recently joined the site anyway. I have run a full SUPERAntiSpyware scan & I appear to be OK. I shall run other scans. I was in Opera 10.10 so the browser is relatively safe.

I didn't stay long enough to see who had actually done this, which I thought wise at the time. I mean this is a forum where people discuss Dickens & Dostoyevsky, what is the world coming to when a literary site gets hacked! I won't post the http but the site is easy enough to find. I am not sure if it is worth looking at it though.

K-Meleon ~ Not a Melon!

Re: Literature site Hacked!
Posted by: Doon
Date: January 11, 2010 07:32PM

A google search of the site name will show a preview of the results of the hack. I saved the index, looked at the html in notepad and nothing dangerous was revealed, just the political rantings of a palstinian hack group screaming revenge. Hacks like this, with a boastful 'hacked by us' message, are very common, and rarely try to deliver a malicious payload to visitors, it's all about showing off and promoting name recognition among their peers (there are competitive communities devoted to this). As for the targets they select, it's mostly random, based on automated searches for sites with known vulnerabilities, and often the only damage done to the sites is page defacement and changed passwords. It's hacks that aren't obvious that are the most dangerous, so I'd say no worries this time, Dave.

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Re: Literature site Hacked!
Posted by: Daveski17
Date: January 11, 2010 09:30PM

OK thanks for the info. I've almost fried my hard drive with anti-malware scans LOL! I seem clean thankfully. You're very probably right about the hackers.

I have spoken to some of the guys on the Wilders security forums & at least one of them checked it out using Sandboxie & Firefox with Noscript & they reckon it is nothing to worry about & appears very amateur.

K-Meleon ~ Not a Melon!

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