K-Meleon for Linux unofficial variations
Posted by: Fred
Date: October 01, 2009 05:50PM

Welcome to all Linux users !

The links to my unofficial variations that I use
in Linux with wine can be found on the page for
unofficial variations, here:


In addition there is a recent variation based on
the latest Firefox 3.5.3, which can be downloaded
from here :


Note that these variations are not native Linux
apps. They need the emulator wine installed in the
Linux distro, and some additional dlls, that are
mentioned in the variation notes. If you don't
have them, look for them in the Internet.

The official current version may also work for you,
sometimes some work-arounds will be necessary.
Don't expect that everything will work as in Windows,
but the necessary functions should work allright,
and the speed and versatility in Linux is better than of
some other browsers.

Regards and good luck for K-Meleon in Linux.


Re: K-Meleon for Linux unofficial variations
Posted by: JujuLand
Date: October 01, 2009 08:17PM

As Fred says, you can also use the official 1.5.3 build under Ubuntu as I do (the setup is able to install the version of exe which runs ok under Linux).

There are some limitations under wine, but it works right for the principal functions.

Just some troubles :

The URL bar can't be used (an error message appears, doesn't crash K-Meleon, but a bit ennoying.

There is some problems with buttons (bad colors for some. I haven't found the reason, but it works, and it's what we ask for.

Another problem, but it's that for all the windows program, not only K-Meleon, the path must be corrected to launch K-Meleon from Nautilus, or to open a document link with a Linux program. If you use Ubuntu, I suppose that you don't want to install Windows program (except K-Meleon) to open file links, and you want to use Linux programs instead as me.

I have made an extension, and some macros modifications to be able to open K-Meleon form a local html file, use linux programs when clicking on some file link (pdf, doc, .....) in webpages, to open links with K-Meleon from a linux program (Thunderbird, for example), use the mail possibilities from within K-Meleon (Send page, url, ...), open mailto link.

All of this works.

Other problem, some extensions, like roboform, for example, aren't able to run under linux.

Last problem : I have some crash (I think it's due to wine). I have found a turn around, which allows to crash less often, but crashes continue. I haven't yet found a solution, but I have reported a bug to wine, and I give the more infos to help them to find why.

The crash problem is also the reason why I haven't yet put my linux extension. Because I'm testing some differents things and tools to help to debug, and it also often crashes the wine parameters, and the extension I have made uses some parameters which are saved in wine (registry, ...). So, when wine is crashed, like now when trying winetricks, I must rename .wine folder, and I loose all the parameters.

I must, in fact found a way to preserve (a kind of backup) the parameters to be able to restore it easily. I'm working on it, and when it will be ready, I'll put it online.

Happy to have definitively leave Windows, even there are some troubles with K-Meleon.


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Mail : alain [dot] aupeix [at] wanadoo [dot] fr

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Re: K-Meleon for Linux unofficial variations
Posted by: eric
Date: October 09, 2009 04:04AM

Hoping there will be a full linux port of k-meleon w/o wine sometime in the new year. It's the best browser out there!

Re: K-Meleon for Linux unofficial variations
Posted by: disrupted
Date: October 13, 2009 02:42AM
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