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Specific Linux Problems occuring with K-Meleon 74
Posted by: JujuLand
Date: June 02, 2014 07:30AM

This version which is Windows native works with some problems under Linux.

The beta 4 now includes addings which correct some problems. Thanks to Dorian to have include it.

readme.html => Done

The macro has be adapted to simulate resource://, and is now able to open readme.html.

Mailto => Done

As mailto protocol isn't completely implemented in wine, a click on a mailto link fails. A right-click menu entry has been added to allow it. Mailto is now emulated and all the functions using mailto are now working.
For that, more than the macro code, you need to have xdg-utils packet installed, and you need to set it in K-Meleon:

. Edit => Configuration => Tux Helper => Specify your client for mailto protocol

The value will often be Z:\\usr\\bin\\xdg-email

The menu entry has been added to allow to modify path and tool name if needed (I'm not sure that under all the builds, that the path is the same).

You also must set the mail client to be able to open your mail client from within K-Meleon

. Tools => Mail and News => Specify your client

Skin transparency => Done

I have done a new skin based ob AuraAlpha(compact) and which is named AuraAlpha(CNoT) for 'Compact no transparency' to be able to view the privacy toolbar text button, and to avoid weird background of a few buttons.

Just unzip it in skins folder, and change it using kmprefs (F2)

This skin can probably be used for Windows users (w98, XPSP2) ...

Open downloaded files => To do

There is a few problems to open downloaded files.

1) Due to differences in path, it's not now possible to open downloaded files (I'm working on it)

2) As it's not a good solution to set all the programs to open extensions in registry (what I done in the past), I think to use xdg-open from the same packet where is xdg-email. But there is another problem : K-meleon mimetype editor doesn't work as in the past, and we must set it manually, what is a mess.
I'm doing one file with a few extensions.

A menu entry is avalaible under Tux Helper to set it. by default, it ought to be (with the same reserve as for xdg-email):

. Z:\\usr\bin\xdg-open

Position problems with toolbars => To do

I haven't found a successful solution. When modifying toolbars positions, some positions are kept and K-Meleon set immediatly its own length. A weird bug ...

The only way seems to adjust values in prefs.js, K-Meleon closed, obviously. But it's treally a pin to do ...

The needed wine version is 1.6 . To be able to run K-Meleon under wine 1.4, you must install some dll of the 1.6 version. To make it, have a look to this thread.

Reports here problems you encounter using K-Meleon under Linux applying these points or for new problems not yet listed here..


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