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Re: Small Linux distro
Posted by: JujuLand
Date: February 21, 2010 08:00PM

Have you tried to put an external keyboard (there is often a PS2 adaptator or perhaps un USB) ?
If you have an USB/IDE or USB/SATA adaptator, you can easily keep all your data and place it on a new computer. Your sister will be happy ...


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Re: Small Linux distro
Posted by: panzer
Date: February 21, 2010 08:41PM

First, pros will have to repair CMOS battery and then with Test Disk I will try to find lost partition.

I do not think that my comp would recognize hers anymore.

Before it became unrensponsive, I could still went into c:windows with Linux. But instead of c: 130 Gb it showed 500 Gb.

Bastard alocated all Gb to c: and has formated e: as well. But as I am informed, data could still be rescued from e: (fingers on hands and feet crossed).

We will see what pros will say ...

I will keep my fingers away from notebooks from now on ...

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Re: Small Linux distro
Posted by: panzer
Date: May 06, 2010 07:25AM

My sister finally got the comp back. They had to remove some parts with new ones (apparently sth bad happened to a comp, since they had to import new parts directly from the factory). But they stole a battery and they wanted to give back comp without a battery (their worker forgot to write down that a battery was included so somebody stoled it). After we threatened them, they gave us a new battery.

I installed XP and again found I have only 130 GB instead of 500 GB available. In disk management, unallocated space is not shown. I used CD Linux boot CD and found GParted. I managed somehow to get the unallocated space to be shown and usable in Linux, but now XP wont boot. Something like unbootable mounted disk or sth like that.

I will reinstall XP anyhow, since my boot CD is damaged, but I needed to know if I still can't get rid of this problem, how do I get unallocated space back ( in XP or with GParted) so I can have two partition in XP? If this is not possible, can I ditch unallocated space altogether and resize C: (with GParted) so I could get up to 500 GB and have only 1 partition?

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Re: Small Linux distro
Posted by: Fred
Date: May 06, 2010 09:26PM

May be your mbr (master boot record) is damaged.
If you have the Windows XP CD, you should try
to boot with the inserted CD, and if booting fails
select the option Recovery Console, to repair
the mbr. Instructions from Microsoft here :

As far as I know, it's easier to have Windows XP
already installed. before you try to add a
Linux installation for dual boot.
Concerning the second partition, you have to set
in gparted a disklabel for the new partition first
and possibly also set a boot flag.
You can also delete the second partition and
enlarge the partition with Windows with gparted, to
give the whole harddisk to Windows XP.
If you want a dual boot for Windows and Linux,
the Window bootloader would have to be modified, or
else the grub or grub2 bootloader would have to
be used and options for booting Windows included.
If you have Windows XP already, Ubuntu for example
could be installed from an Ubuntu live cd, which
would include partitioning and installing the
grub or grub2 boot-loader.
Another option with Ubuntu is the file wubi.exe,
which is on the Ubuntu CD usually and can be started
from inside a running Windows, to include Ubuntu
as a folder inside Windows. Look for more instructions
at the Ubuntu forum, here :

Anyhow it is a good idea to install Windows before
adding Linux.



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Re: Small Linux distro
Posted by: panzer
Date: May 07, 2010 08:11AM


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Re: Small Linux distro
Posted by: panzer
Date: May 12, 2010 07:38AM

I tried a new install CD and it worked flawlessly. It looks like that a bad cd did this.

I found out that while repairing netbook boys broke touchpad mouse.

So, if anyone wants to buy a comp at E Leclerc, please DON'T.

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