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Posted by: Ama
Date: August 18, 2010 09:31AM


how can I delete the IE-Favorits entry (I don´t know how it is called in english) from the main menu bar? I just don´t want to see it there. In the same time the IE-Favorits-bar with it buttons should remain. Do you have an idea about a proper, radical deleting? Thanks a lot!

Wie lösche ich sauber den Favoriten-Eintrag aus dem Hauptmenü, dass er nicht angezeigt wird? Die IE-Unterstützung, insbesondere die Favoritenleiste, soll erhalten bleiben. Habt Ihr eine Idee, bitte? Vielen Dank!

I have admin rights and K-Meleon is working so far smiling smiley very fast, perfect.

Mit dem, für mich, überflüßigen Favoriten-Eintrag läuft K-Meleon sehr, sehr gut. Ich kann alles ändern aber ich will nichts versauen!

best regards, liebe Grüße

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Re: Menu
Posted by: siria
Date: August 18, 2010 09:50AM

That only takes adding a bit text in menus.cfg. I've done that too, only kept the buttons for Favorites, Bookmarks and Hotlist :-) But am on another compi right now, can look it up only later today - but other folks here will probably be faster... cool smiley
Viel Spaß mit KM grinning smiley

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Re: Menu
Posted by: SoerenB
Date: August 18, 2010 10:02AM

Hallo, Ama, und willkommen im Forum!

I'll answer this in English:

Close K-Meleon (Plus the QuickStarter, if active)

Go to the folder, in "Program Files" (Deutsch, Standard: C:\Programme):
make a copy of the file "menus.cfg", call it "menus.cfg.orig" to have a backup.
(In case anything goes wrong when editing the real one, delete that, rename this to menus.cfg, - no harm done then.)

Open menus.cfg in notepad

Search for this part (around the top of the last 3rd):

# ----- Main

%ifplugin bookmarks
%ifplugin favorites
%ifplugin hotlist
%ifplugin sessions

and edit the lines concerning favs to go like this:

# %ifplugin favorites
# :F&avorites
# %endif

Save and close the file.

Restart K-Meleon - that is it.


Back again ...

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Re: Menu
Posted by: Ama
Date: August 18, 2010 11:03AM


I´ve replaced the rows

%ifplugin favorites

with yours, Soeren and did everything like you said and smiling smiley it works!

Thanks for the answers! I´m glad that I´ve registered myself here! smiling smiley Ihr seid Spitze! Wie schön, dass ich Euch gefunden habe!

best regards und liebe Grüße

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