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Posted by: andres
Date: September 29, 2001 08:33PM

Is there a possibility to use K-Meleon with the Mozilla "modern" skin, which looks just great?

And, question 2, are there any download managers that can be used with K-Meleon? I have been using GetIt with Internet Explorer, is it possible to integrate GetIt with K-Meleon as well (not supported by default in GetIt)?

And, Q3, the download dialog opens when I click on*.exe files but not when I left-click on *.zip etc. Is that configurable?

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Re: questions
Posted by: scratch
Date: October 01, 2001 04:06PM

no, no, and it works with *.zip for me.

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Re: questions
Posted by: Brian
Date: October 01, 2001 07:18PM

I actually emailed some of the developers of the download manager programs, and they basically said, "we'll add support for kmeleon one day" which basically translates into, "go away, we'll never add support for kmeleon unless you get a huge market share." I was looking into a way to make those programs think we're actually netscape, but have had little luck so far. One thing you can try though, is pasting the url onto the clipboard. A lot of download managers have what's called, "clipboard monitoring" where it will start downloading a file if it sees the url appear on the clipboard. (just right-click a link and select "Copy URL")

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