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httpmonitor (httpfox)
Posted by: disrupted
Date: July 06, 2009 03:39AM

port of httpfox, similar to live http headers but with more advanced options
tools>http monitor

more details and snapshots:

important: extension relies on a component file.. make sure to delete xpti.dat and compreg.dat from kmeleon components folder after installing httpmonitor

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Re: httpmonitor (httpfox)
Posted by: sniffles
Date: August 13, 2011 01:35PM

Very nice disrupted. I've just begun using this, and while I've been using NirSoft's SmartSniff for packet and traffic analysis (outside of the browser) I find this tool is quite useful as well. I'm able to see things I should be blocking with my hosts file (ads, trackers and widgets) but I also enjoy seeing everything that's been blocked by my hosts file (die ads, trackers and widgets!).

I've found the addon has continued development since your extension was published, though I'm not sure what has changed.

Comparing the contents of the current .xpi and your .7z the structure of things looks very much the same but I haven't yet tried to muddle through making an update myself, for use with KM 1.5.4. Perhaps you could try to make an official update and then be able to say what KM or OS version it might work with or not. Cheers.

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