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performancing (ex-scribefire)
Posted by: disrupted
Date: June 11, 2009 05:15AM

fully functional:

this extension requires the wizard chrome files which are not included in km's embed or locale chrome. without the wizard files, you can't create blog accounts. i couldn't redirect wizard id to use wizard files inside performancing jar itself because it seems the wizard service is directed only from components and can not be overridden

the wizard files are included inside the package(wizard.xml,, will need to be added manually to embed and locale.

browse to kmeleon\chrome folder
expand embed.jar in 7z or any other extraction tool
copy wizard.xml inside your internal embed chrome file to this exact path

browse to kmeleon\chrome folder
expand your locale jar file e.g. en-us.jar(FR-fr.jar, es-ES.JAR, de-DE.jar etc) in 7z or any other extraction tool
copy inside your internal locale to this exact path

the is english-US, it's mainly ok, cancel and next buttons so it doesn't really need truly locale files..but if you're using non-english locale and want it to be in your language.. you'll need to extract from either seamonkey or firefos locale chromes.

if you don't want to fiddle with chrome files, you can download embed.jar and en-us.jar from those links which have wizard chromes already included:

save them in kmeleon\chrome folder and replace original files.
i think they can be used universally for 1.5.x series without problems but not sure about 1.1.x chromes.

for some blogs, you'll need to enable external blogging from your account settings to use this extension.

test blog:
Username: kmeleontesters
Password: 653fc1a7

access: tools menu(webservices)> km performancing

slight update: title changed from performancing for firefox to performancing for k-meleon and removal of firefox performancing in published entries.. no copyright infringements, just being corrrect

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