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Posted by: paranoid
Date: August 12, 2001 02:02PM

Are there any known security issues with k-meleon. I realize its still in beta but I've never seen any discussion about it.

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Re: security?
Posted by: po
Date: August 12, 2001 03:26PM

well, to some degree, as with any browser, it will depend on how you have it set up... if you're really paranoid, keep scripting and java disabled... i like the way it handles cookies better than recent versions of exploder... it would be neat to see configurability added (via plugin, or whatever) to be able to pick and choose what scripting objects you allow to run, rather than wholesale enable/disable.

--- i think?

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Re: security?
Posted by: Joshua Prowse
Date: August 21, 2001 10:45PM = diabled =)

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