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updated variation: KM18121forCD-Kiosk
Posted by: Fred
Date: April 14, 2009 07:43PM

This is a modified 1.x version, based on Mozilla , Gecko date 20090403, derived from Seamonkey 1.1.16, that can be burned to CD, to be used from a CD drive, or can be used from USB stick or any other drive.

--Nothing will be written on a computer, that you use, where you have no writing rights,and where only reading access is allowed.

--This kiosk version has Fullscreen only, with no toolbars . Menus only in the right click menu. Saving and opening of files can been restricted in menus.cfg and accel.cfg .

--Unzip the file and burn it on a CD.

--Note that the files msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll must be in the windows system or else in your K-Meleon main folder. If you need them, look for them in the internet.

--No history view and no bookmarks saving possible, because of read only functions.

--Javascript can be enabled in the context menu. Reload the page after changing.

--The menu is in right click context menu, or in the shortcut Alt + X.

--To reach an existing bookmarks file on a floppy or elsewhere, or a start page somewhere on the computer or in the web, enter the path to them in Hotkeys from the right click menu, to reach them as a web file using a shortcut Ctrl + number 1 to 0.

--For easy keyboard navigation, use :

* Ctrl(right)+arrow left for going back one page.
* Ctrl(right)+arrow right for going forward one page.
* Ctrl(right)+arrow down for closing a window.

--Background and fonts have been set to navy/white for all pages by default.

--If you want the original page colors, set the pref user_pref("browser.display.use_document_colors", false); in both files named prefs.js in the main folder as well as in in the defaults folder to user_pref("browser.display.use_document_colors", true); before you burn the cd.

--To have flash available, you can put the flash plugin NPSWF32.dll into the folder plugins before you burn the cd.

--This version uses a no-xul chrome, which makes it fast, but does not allow xul-based extensions.

Download here :

Regards to all


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Re: updated variation: KM18121forCD-Kiosk
Posted by: differenthink
Date: May 13, 2009 04:19PM


Thanks for your work !
I would like to use -webapp command line with it, but seems to not work, any idea ?


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Re: updated variation: KM18121forCD-Kiosk
Posted by: Fred
Date: May 13, 2009 11:37PM

The command line option -webapp was introduced
with K-Meleon 1.5, as you can see here in the wiki :

As KM18121forCD-Kiosk is a 1.0 variation, -webapp is not
But the variation should start in kiosk mode anyhow,
if the default configuration is used.


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