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Can't get the Flash working
Posted by: ILF
Date: July 14, 2001 10:54PM

i can't get the flash working in kmeleon. i use mozilla 0.9.2 for win 32, which displays the flash movies correctly, my os is win 98 SE with the default iexplorer and flash player 5. i also have netscape navigator version 4.06 again w/ the latest flash plugin 5.0.
unfortunatelly for me i can't get the kmeleon to work with flash. what should i do to fix this problem, i've already tried to coppy the dll file that handles the flash playing to kmeleon plugins, but i suppose this won't help since the plugins are for kmeleon UI.

i also have to add that there wasn't such a plugin in mozilla's plugin directory, but it still plays the flash movies. i added the plugin there but again no result.

please somebody help me. i suppose i should add the extension of flash files and the handler under edit/preferences/navigator/helper applications but i don't know how showld i do this.

please help, this is my only problem, the prowser looks and works great, and it does take less than 5mb of memory. great job.

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Re: Can't get the Flash working
Posted by: Quake
Date: July 15, 2001 05:11PM

For the Plugin to work, you need to put the kemeleon.exe file in the Mozilla Directory, but Unfortunately, It will only work with Mozilla 0.9.0 not 0.9.2.

Hopes that will help,

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Re: Can't get the Flash working
Posted by: Joshua Prowse
Date: July 18, 2001 01:53AM

This is a very klunky plugin architecture. Is there any hope of making it more slick in future releases - Internet Explorer has an exemplary handling of plugins.

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Re: Can't get the Flash working
Posted by: Brian
Date: July 21, 2001 03:13AM

you need to stick gkplugin.dll in the components directory (you can find it in the mozilla components directory). then you need to copy npswf32.dll to the plugins directory (no idea where you can find it, mine was in the netscape 6 directory). Next release, we'll put these in the right place during installation.

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Re: Can't get the Flash working
Posted by: Daniel
Date: August 23, 2001 12:39AM

If you download the installer for netscape from and just tell it to install in kmeleon/plugins (NOT kplugins) then restart kmeleon, it'll work. (at least it did for me.. just ignore the error saying it can't run netscape.exe)

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