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windows browser and smart tags
Posted by: lib
Date: June 28, 2001 07:43AM

Hello, I tried to post this as a follow up to a message below about windows IE and smart tags but the post kept timing out. Anyway hopefully this one will work.

This is the issue which has brought me to this site. I'm looking for a windows based browser which is faster than netscape and just plain not as devious as the upcoming IE browser. Once I find a browser that I'm happy with, I'm going to do everything I can to spread the word on the internet and coax people away from IE (which in many cases won't be too hard,) and I'm going to tell everyone I meet to do the same.
I hope this isn't too stupid a question but is kmelion non microsoft related and fast enough to be practical? I just can't use netscape, it kills me it's so slow.thanks.


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Re: windows browser and smart tags
Posted by: Katalyst
Date: July 01, 2001 12:05AM

Km is based on gecko and therefore doesn't use Microsoft's DLLs - therefore no smart tags. As for speed, errrr, why not just download it and find out? Really, it ain't that big a download smiling smiley. But yes it is pretty fast.

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Re: windows browser and smart tags
Posted by: Mik
Date: July 02, 2001 09:06AM

Kmeleon is quite fast, faster than Netscape 4, and going by the latest builds of Mozilla, Kmeleon is going to screem in a few months.
AS for the "smart tags" thing in IE 6, there not going to be there, MS decided not to use them due to too many complaints apparently. I have no idea what a smart tage is, but I read it on, maybe that may help with your question.


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Re: windows browser and smart tags
Posted by: Quake
Date: July 02, 2001 07:59PM

Kmeleon is a quite fast browser, but keep in mind that each upgrade will aument its speed because now, Kmeleon, Is based on Mozilla 0.90 (or 0.91?, Correct me if I'm wrong)

Just download it, it won't cause any harm smiling smiley

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