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Bookmarks across platforms.
Posted by: Hans Deragon
Date: June 25, 2001 10:22AM


I am currently using Netscape for essentially two reasons:

- I can share my bookmarks across multiple platforms,
particularly Linux and Windows.

- I can read my email across multiple platforms, again
mainly Linux and Windows.

I dual boot often between the two OS. In my linux partition,
I have made a symlink to the Windows netscape configuration
directory. Thus, on both OS, I share the same files, and
therefore all the bookmarks and email. This is great, since
I do not have to do any file exporting.

However, Netscape is buggy, old, etc... and I want to change
for something better. I am looking for a better browser that
would work on both platform, or at least would save the
bookmarks in the same format.

I do not want to have to import bookmarks everytime. I
want them setup automagically. Does kmeleon provides
a feature to read and write the Galeon bookmarks by default
instead of the IE5.0? A sort of checkbox in the preferences?
That would be a wonderfull feature for cross-platform.

I also ftp my bookmarks to work on Sun's machine, again
using Netscape. Ideally, My wish would be that K-meleon
supports Netscape 4.75 bookmarks as defaut (not when installed,
but selectable by preferences with a checkbox), or Galeon's
bookmark format.

As for email, I am considering using IMAP eventually, thus
solving this problem. Newsgroups are not that important.

Hans Deragon

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Re: Bookmarks across platforms.
Posted by: scratch
Date: July 05, 2001 08:06PM

K-Meleon already supports netscape 4.x bookmarks via the plugin you can turn on in preferences.

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