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java again
Posted by: al leveck
Date: June 13, 2001 07:32PM

I posted on this board of 5/20/2001 concerning the fact that I cannot get Java to work on Kmeleon. Several others added the same comment. I still have no answer to this problem. I have the Sun java files and I have the Java enabled check marks checked off under preferences. I would like to know if anyone else is able to make Java work and if so how. If not, will this be fixed in the nest Kmeleon update?

Thanks for any help

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Re: java again
Posted by: scratch
Date: June 14, 2001 02:50AM

You need to have the java plugin files in the kmeleon plugins directory, and this will not happen automatically since JRE doesn't recognize K-Meleon as a browser it supports. Another workaround is to copy k-meleon.exe to the Mozilla .90 directory.

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Re: java again
Posted by: Shawn Jenkin
Date: August 03, 2001 03:45AM

Would you be able to post the java plugin files up on your site please as i have tried and tried again to get java to werk to no avail
smiling smiley

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