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Posted by: Walter
Date: May 19, 2001 06:23PM

I didn't know of the existence of this program, it's simple and looks promising.
I aligned all the toolbars on one line, and I get a huge browsing window. Was that SO complicated to do or understand? The interface is minimalistic and effective. I would love to start using it right now. Even the provisory Favorites management through explorer is just ok.
I hope you don't add useless stuff like integrated email or instant messaging. A browser is a browser, I hate suits.
All of this, plus the superior speed of mozilla. How come all the benchmarks show IE being faster? It's only a matter of using it and you notice. And the cache... Everytime I press back on IE, I have to get anxioulitics...
I love Opera, but can't get used to the interface. Netscape 6 is too huge, IE is... IE. I was waiting to Mozilla to get ready. Now Ill follow closely this development as well... I hope you keep it going...
Good luck,

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Re: interesting
Posted by: lomoian
Date: May 21, 2001 10:56PM

I agree, things like hotkey assignments are great thing to have editable. and less clutter the better.
By the way, you know you can edit the Opera button bar completely, and all of its screen components can be moved or switched off. Thus you can have whatever interface you want. I haven't played yet with this feature of K-Meleon. Great if you could customize full-screen mode to choose how much UI you wanted too in both Opera and K-Meleon. These features, although less sexy than 'skinning', are a damn site more useful.

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