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IE Favorites Plugin
Posted by: me
Date: May 07, 2001 03:32AM

The IE favorite import plugin adds about 15 seconds on to the (otherwise good) loadtime of K-Meleon. So basically, disable it, and import your favorites to NS/Mozilla. Or wait ages for K-Meleon to load. end.

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Re: IE Favorites Plugin
Posted by: Joschi
Date: May 08, 2001 08:13PM

I just moved the favorites.dll and bookmarks.dll out of my plugins folder and was quite surprised at how much time those take during startup. without them K-mel only takes like 3 seconds to start up on my p-II 300 ... much faster than ie 5.5 ... wow! I really really think that these should be disabled by default, maybe with a simple preference to enable them. K-Meleon's most vital featyre to me and many others is it speed and percieved lightness... disabling these plugins doubles that perception.

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