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K-Meleon IS GREAT!!!
Posted by: Morfeo
Date: May 05, 2001 03:22AM

Hi guys!!
Your browser is simply fantastic and the idea at the base of the project is excellent!
I think that a Navigator's-bookmark style is better than ie solution: one file, all links in it.
Good work!


Morfeo (Florence, Italy)

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Re: K-Meleon IS GREAT!!!
Posted by: scratch
Date: May 05, 2001 05:54PM

You can use either Netscape or M$IE bookmarks (or both) with K-Meleon.

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Posted by: Joschi
Date: May 05, 2001 07:14PM

I wanted to throw in my agreement and encouragement. I Use on a regular basis Galeon, K-Meleon, ie (as little as possible smiling smiley, Mozilla Nightlies, NS4.7, and Konquerer. None of them meet all my requirments yet, so i jump around a lot. I tried the last K-Meleon release and thought it had promise, but didn't use it much. Yesterday I tried out the prerelease 0.4 build and it is SO NICE. I really think that K-Meleon is going to become the best browser on windows in terms of speed and simplicity. I love Mozilla and XUL and intend to develope using it, and i use Moz almost exclusively when i use my girlfriends Athlon system, but it is too slow on my p-II 300, while K-Mel runs great. Anyhow, you guys rock!

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