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Posted by: JoeDude
Date: January 24, 2001 06:35AM

is Kjofol a done project?

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RE: Kjofol
Posted by: Anonymous Coward
Date: January 24, 2001 08:25AM

K-jöfol is an abandoned mp3 was destined for greatness from the beginning, but lost developer support.

K-meleon is a web broweser destined for greatness....but I haven't seen much in the way of development....interesting coincidence.

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RE: Kjofol
Posted by: TwIsTeDdDx
Date: January 31, 2001 12:56PM

think u will find K-jofol is no longer in developement cause nullsoft pay him to work for winamp not k-jofol (cant have side projects that are in direct competion!!)

k-meleon will not be in that much progress as winamp 3 is getting made (major thing)

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RE: Kjofol
Posted by: ReDVsion
Date: February 26, 2001 09:30PM

still, I'd like to see it get out of beta. *sigh*...

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