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For FAQ: How do I uninstall kmeleon?
Posted by: Link
Date: December 05, 2000 07:52AM


How do I totally uninstall kmeleon? I would like to remove everything - ini, config files etc. Does the control-panel uninstall remove _everything_? Or does it leave some junk in the windows directory?

I just downloaded it (v0.2.1) and it doesn't work on my Windows 95 (950C). I tried to visit a page and nothing showed up at all. The window was not refreshing. Video card is a RIVA TNT2 MX. No previous install of Mozilla.

I may try again in 6 months time or so, but meanwhile it's back to Netscape 3 and IE.

Looks like Mozilla/Gecko is just too crappy to salvage for now.

I was hoping for something with the footprint and usability[1] of Netscape 3, renders pages quickly, supports HTTPS and doesn't crash.


[1] That's why Opera doesn't fit the bill. It does too many annoying things.

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