New page button?
Posted by: sam
Date: March 08, 2006 12:41PM

I'd like to change the New page button in my toolbar to open in the background layer instead of forground.How?

Re: New page button?
Posted by: bst82551
Date: March 09, 2006 07:42AM

I don't believe this is possible, actually. I know you can open a link in the background, but opening a new blank page in the background isn't supported. It almost seems pointless to do so... but I'm sure you have a reason for wanting to do it.


Re: New page button?
Posted by: sam
Date: March 10, 2006 10:25PM

On Sunday,I want to play w/macros to try if I can get it to work.I need the right words to put to have something to open in background.
I usually open new tab by middle click on layer toolbar.
And I use new tab button when I highlight non active link. I know,I can use the right click,selected text and go to URL.But it is easier w/button.I want in background,so I can finish reading the current page while that link was loading since I'm on dial-up. Thx.

Re: New page button?
Posted by: kmuser
Date: March 11, 2006 10:24AM

Replace the New macro with this version and see if it works the way you want:

$ub=getpref(STRING,$ou); &Selected; setclipboard($URL); id(ID_SELECT_URL); id(ID_EDIT_PASTE);
$add==""? &Open:&URLInBgLayer; $add==""?"":&PasteSel; setpref(STRING,$ou,$ub);

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