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Posted by: ishmu
Date: November 23, 2000 09:53AM

The speed of development of Kmeleon is ridiculous.
You are losing the interest of people because you haven't DONE anything, 'cept mess with the website! C'mon! Give us .2!

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RE: When?!
Posted by: Richard Atkins
Date: November 24, 2000 06:57PM

I have to agree with that. I used to visit this site daily hoping v.2 would be out. Now, this is probably my first visit in three weeks. Sadly everything else out there is so much crap that I use K-Meleon as my main browser, yet I can't even open a link in a new browser window by right clicking on it (something that is of the utmost importance to me since I don't have a cable modem and browins any other way would take way too long). If it's taking this long just to get to v.2, I might as well wait for Netscape8 instead of a complete v1.0.

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RE: When?!
Posted by: ori malkin
Date: November 25, 2000 01:44PM

christophe, if 0.2 is taking that long because you are working hard on winamp 3, than it's o.k. with me.

but any other reason is not acceptable.

so what if you moved to a new flat, with gays all around you, i want k-meleon 0.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( it's you, isn't it?)

i'm moving to linux in a few days, so i'l have galeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and knapster, and all that @!#$.

but i'll still be working with wincrap, so i want k-meleon..!

btw, does anyone noticed that christophe isn't replaying to any of our messages for weeks???

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RE: When?!
Posted by: Guillaume
Date: November 25, 2000 04:47PM

Hasn't someone started working on .1 sources ? I know this is stupid, but as Christophe seems to be sooo busy that he can't release .2, maybe we can "start again" building on .1 sources...

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RE: When?!
Posted by: blah
Date: November 26, 2000 01:11AM

i hope someone else will take the code and start a new project somewhere

whoever does will be famous

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