K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: another K-Meleon Ninja fan
Date: June 27, 2005 11:23PM

Has anyone seen the new post at Mot Studios where the K-Ninja forums are? Someone is begging them to release newer versions. Does anyone know who the maker/s are? Has anyone else ever made a K-Ninja? Is that a future

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: TransitMan
Date: June 28, 2005 03:11AM

The current maker has abandoned the project for the time being.
He is also using a Linux OS, so he does not have the capability or maybe even the desire to make a new build.

I will however attempt to ask if he plans to do anymore, or if...................

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: guenter
Date: June 28, 2005 09:18PM

at the moment all devs have little time or are just using another OS?

cannot we (Forum) update this old Ninja one too?
I think it is 1.7.x based ...
& maybe fan should look into thread about updates...

if questions remain ...

I have the vague idea that me and some others
will possibly be able to answer or help with a user Forum update of Ninja.


Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: Vincent
Date: June 29, 2005 02:20AM

K-Ninja Beta 1 (based on K-Meleon 0.9rc1, which is 1.7gecko build) is available from:
or more specifically from:
so anyone in this forum should be able to continue it's development.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: TransitMan
Date: June 29, 2005 10:20AM

And if you can't get it from there, let me know, as I have copies of most KM builds on my holding drive.
If I have it, I can upload to a free download server for you.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: TransitMan
Date: June 29, 2005 10:42AM

I've just incorporated GRE 1.7.9 Beta into K-Ninja.
You can find the file at the link below.
It is in zip format, at just over 8mbs.
Click on the free link at the bottom of the page and enjoy.


Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: TransitMan
Date: June 29, 2005 11:14AM

Please ignore the above download link. It is now dead.

The link below is the correct link, and contains K-Ninja - GRE 1.7.9 BETA.


Follow the directions above to obtain your copy.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: guenter
Date: July 02, 2005 12:09AM

@TransitMan - great job - & regards

p. s. did You post it also in builts and issues thread?

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: Gary
Date: July 02, 2005 10:45AM

Is if OK to install over top of previous version?

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: TransitMan
Date: July 02, 2005 11:08AM

I did not do that. Guess I better, huh?

Do a fresh install. The copy over your profile to the new install.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: K-Ninja Fan Too
Date: July 02, 2005 07:43PM

Anyone have a clue as to why every time this build is downloaded it
says it is a 1.7.8?

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: guenter
Date: July 02, 2005 08:31PM

@K-Ninja Fan Too (---.ev1servers.net)
This depends on how the update is done.
But all are good updates.

Here is the relevant line from my own browser:
it is not a fixed text but generated at the moment You open it;

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win 9x 4.90; en-US; rv:1.7.9) Gecko/20050624 K-Meleon/0.9

sometimes the java script does not read, make and print this line properly;
then You can have a lock at the dates from which certain files are.
js3250.dll & jsj3250.dll must be AFAIK 21. 06. 2005 or later to be rv. 1.7.9
plus imglib2.dll, necko.dll, necko2.dll including their interfaces (xpt).

Gecko is the date that ceratin files are from: 24. 06. 2005 in this case
rv: 1.7.9 is from which Mozilla revision the core files are from.

IMHO You could make an update in the way that it still prints the Gecko of the original issue or any other in between.

chrome is always 1.7.8 - that is the newest available.
GRE = 1.7.9
also: if GRE really 1.7.8? That is IMHO secure too;

For Your own complete update to newest GRE
follow steps at bottom of this thread:


@TransitMan: depends on whether You want people to find Your work ; o )

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: TransitMan
Date: July 02, 2005 10:32PM

I have my updates build of K-Ninja open and the about: screen says:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows: U, Windows NT 5.1,en-US;rv:1.7.9)Gecko20041220 K-Ninja/AD

Hence, the updates GRE is in the build I uploaded.
BTW, I always re-download my work to verify it will work correctly out of the box.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: guenter
Date: July 02, 2005 10:52PM

either script fault? (happens)
or the picture where it says chrome 1.7.8?
or a running loader that prevents some changes?

I do not doubt what Fan says
- but i am also certain that You exchanged
the files that badly needed update for new ones.

now Fan can look at the date of the relevant files - that is best anyway.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: efosb
Date: July 03, 2005 03:11AM


long time no see. im the dev of k-ninja and yes im only using linux now. i have the will to develop k-ninja more but no ability or time.

im working on LDIOS which is a linux distro aimed at those totally new to linux. i do have some good news.....

im posting this message WITH k-ninja ON LDIOS right now using cedega!

cedega isnt free but its based on wine so im pretty sure someone could get wine to run k-meleon and k-ninja on linux. so far the only thing that appears not to work in k-ninja on linux is the right click menu.

LDIOS is still in testing phases but hopefully in a few months it will be ready for public consumption.

ive started to work on a wine package to run windows p2p progs and browsers on linux but that could be awhile away unless i can get some help.

if you wanna see k-meleon and/or k-ninja on linux... join the LDIOS forum and show your support by encouraging linux developers to help work on LDIOS so i can have more free time to work on the wine package.

LDIOS Forum: http://ldios.undergroundhangout.com/forum/


Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: guenter
Date: July 03, 2005 03:53AM

perhaps statically compile k-m with wine 4 our friemds that left 2 You R, greetz

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: efosb
Date: July 03, 2005 04:11AM

im not sure if i understand most of ur post, lol.

ive been thinking about the possibility of porting k-ninja to python but that would be a big project... any volunteers? lol

if k-ninja was ported to python then it could run still really well on windows and linux. for windows it could be compiled into an exe and on linux it can be distributed as python code.

i know porting k-ninja to python could be a major thing for the k-meleon team as then a close "relative" of k-meleon could be used on linux which could bring a lot of new people to both k-meleon and k-ninja cuz to be honest, linux doesnt have in my opinion that good of a selection of browsers.

for linux basically the only browsers that i know of that can be used without needing a particular window manager or its libs are firefox, mozilla and dillo.

firefox to heavy for a lot of people, dillo lacks tons of features, mozilla is sorta heavy and not that many features to me, lol.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: mchasard
Date: July 03, 2005 05:31AM

I just tried this Kninja version i 'm surprised and find it very speed than the other ...but i didn't see any menu ...how could i see the "about kninja " to see what's version of gecko is based thisone ...

thanks in advance ...

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: efosb
Date: July 03, 2005 10:22AM

the menu is shown by right-clicking on the little square thing in the top left corner.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: mchasard
Date: July 03, 2005 11:24AM

ok Thanks ... is there a way to make these menu appeared by default without right click ...
Otherwise very happy to use these build cause its the faster kmeleon version that i never use ...i don't know how its due perhaps 1.7.9 ...

Could you give me more explanations ..?

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: efosb
Date: July 03, 2005 12:27PM

well by having all the menus visiable, it would take up an extra "row" of space. i put the menu like that to keep the viewable webpage space as much as possible...

however there is a file u can edit (cant remember for sure but i think its pref.js) that will make it reappear.

i think u comment out something.

better to probablt wait till someone else who has used k-ninja recently to tell u how.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: guenter
Date: July 03, 2005 06:34PM

possibly this might be set to false so reset it to true:

user_pref("kmeleon.toolband.Menu.visibility", true);

it can be either set via user.js or prefs.js - i recommend to use user.js

@efsob - i meant statically link against wine dll?
(four our friends that have gone to linux like You)

else maybe try to ty the k-m core dats to another widget - there is a linux embed and QT - maybe try to ty (compile with) k-m against that now it is tied to win embed.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: efosb
Date: July 04, 2005 05:50AM

yes i was thinking of seeing if i could use most of the k-meleon core files and just make a clone of the UI in something that is compatible with linux and hopefully windows too.

ive been pondering QT, wxPython and GTK2

however, i dont know how to make anything with those, but ive heard that QT is the easiest but some have told me wxpython is easy.

since i dont know about any of that, maybe someone with expirience in one of those and who is on linux (yes i have noticed a lot of linux users do browse these forums) could start it and get something that "works" then others would likly join and help and b4 u know it u will have basically a k-meleon that works on linux :-P

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: guenter
Date: July 04, 2005 12:22PM

i have no experiance with programing/coding; (other then: js, basic and xhtml)
i only looked into k-m code and into the code where k-m comes from.

MS passes out with c+ compiler a mfc embed that uses MSIE core dll.

K-M sources preplace that with Mozilla things
and with our kplugins (real nice idea)
// our nice functionality and flexibility comes IMHO from kplugins!

Maybe if the MS things are standart c+ and very generic?
they can be replaced with anything (like QT or the code You mentionmed)
- and it can be done

If it can be done easily -> only the kplugins are kept // : o ))

else - : o (( - if that is impossible ?
- some very advanced program code & coder is at least needed.

OR it is not possible at all - and maybe possible with wine dll only - perhaps.
& perhaps wine dll can be statically compilled gainst k-m?

but i do not know enough - only secondary info used for speculative thinking.
& regrads

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: J.C.A.N
Date: July 04, 2005 02:57PM

Great job "TransitMan" with "Mark's" Ninja. Summer's been busy for me. Glad to see everyone is still here doing what they do making "KMeleon" better and quicker. Not to sound naive here but the last Ninja whenever I would try to open up a second tab my enter tab on my keyboard wouldn't work, is there a go button inside the right click menu in Ninja that has a go tab?

Also as I was using "Hao's build for the last 5 months and had problems with copy and pasting. Well if there is a little trick in pulling up more than one tab and closing those particular ones without closing the ones you don't want closed someone chime on in here.

Hope all the members here have a good healthy "4th of July" where ever you may be this day.



Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: guenter
Date: July 04, 2005 06:35PM

welcome back J.C.A.N.

and the joke of the day is:

No big celebration here!
except that we started "schuetzenfest" yesterday.

(the biggest such festival in Europe - and in the world - since i assume You don t have it - so it can not be bigger and better where You are)

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: efosb
Date: July 06, 2005 03:35AM

** Official K-Ninja Forum now available at **
** http://ldios.undergroundhangout.com/forum/ **

"OR it is not possible at all -"
my philosophy is, "nothing is impossible to those with will"

to me, porting K-Meleon and/or K-Ninja to Linux by replaceing the UI isnt at all impossible. it might be really hard and take a lot of time... but it can be done. once its done, the bulk of the hard work would be over. all that would be needed from then on is some standard updating/editing things to make changes that are needed.

i know from my expirience with wine, it probably would be better to just re-write the UI to something else than try to mess with wine cuz right now wine is still pretty unstable. k-meleon im sure is meant to be fast AND stable.

as for the enter key not working in K-Ninja, ive never had that problem and you are the first person to mention it so i have no idea. i removed all "go" buttons that "took up useful room" because everyone i met uses the enter key instead of go. there "may" be a "go button" in the menu somewhere as i didnt edit the menus much. i wanted to by the official release but windows made me change my plans. when windows crashed and burned and took all my development files, on that day i refused to use windows again.

i still have all K-Ninja installers i did, but thats it.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: mlog
Date: July 08, 2005 05:35PM

And Opera Browser? smiling smiley) Small, Fast, AiO solution

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: Who
Date: July 13, 2005 07:10AM

As far as GUI toolkits for linux go, here is what I think (as a part time (50/50) linux user
applications using QT always feel 'out of place' when not using KDE, so for example when run from Gnome, Enlightenmnet, Icewm [insert your favouratie WM]..etc
GTK apps feel very good in Gnome and the other environments, and slightly oit of place in KDE.... I feel better about GTK apps because the toolkit is _entirely_ and solely GPL, whereas QT have their commercial licence thing going one.
QT complise under widows too, and GTK can be made to run underwindows, but it needs more installation than just the application itself (this may be the case with QT, I have never done it, but me _understanding_ is that it uses native widgets)
Which brings us to WxWidgets (perhaps now called WxWindows?) which _afaik_ compiles to use native widgets, so GTK for linux and whatever-MS-name for windows - probably the best option for something that is multiplatform.
I should probably have read a bit more before posting this, some of this knowledge isn't that recent, but I think I have stressed the areas that I am unsure of. As far as development environments goes, you can use Kdevelop for QT or also QT builder, and I have used Glade for GTK. WxWindows works with 'codedragon' as an IDE http://wxstudio.sourceforge.net/. So, take your pick.

Re: K-Meleon Ninja or K-Ninja
Posted by: Vincent
Date: July 29, 2005 12:52AM

I've put up an entry in the wikipedia:
...corrections welcomed.

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