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Posted by: madduck
Date: September 03, 2000 09:36PM

Why should i choose K-Meleon over IE or Netscape?

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RE: Why?
Posted by: Datazoid
Date: September 04, 2000 03:13AM

1) As near to full standards support as is available today, thanks to the Gecko rendering engine (shared with Mozilla/NS6)

2) A much quicker loading time than both of the aforementioned browsers; in my (unofficial, of course) tests only IE loaded faster, which is mostly due to its integration with windows.

3) It loads HTML faster than anything else out there.

4) To support open source software and competition, as well as supporting W3C web standards (and yes, Im aware that this is not a compelling reason for the end user, but...there it is).

Of course, with everything there are tradeoffs...

K-Meleon is (pre-)beta software, and nowhere near complete, using a rendering engine (gecko) that is still a work in progress. In addition, because this software uses gecko, a rendering engine that strictly follows web standards, many of today's current webpages don't render correctly on it because of sloppy programming. There's really no good reason *not* to try it out; its only 2.85 MB to download...but it shouldn't really replace your current browser, either. It lacks a lot of functionality at this point, and I would wait until much further in its development cycle before making a *decision* between K-M, IE, *or* NS...but keep your eyes peeled, because Gecko IS the technology of the future.

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RE: Why?
Posted by: scratch
Date: September 05, 2000 05:43PM

IE loading faster isn't "mostly" because of it being integrated with windows, it is entirely because of it. Running it under an alternate shell it takes almost as long as Netscape 4.x to start.

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RE: Why?
Posted by: marsdude
Date: September 11, 2000 04:44PM

You mean with an alternate shell like Litestep? I have wanted to try out Litestep for quite some time. Are there any issues with it?

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