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Re: Report 0.9 beta 3 Crashes here
Posted by: Ultragod
Date: January 10, 2007 08:57PM

P.S.: Your stuff does load fast I'll give U that - it's the reason I got it at first. I don't know what that 'browser speed comparison' site is talking about saying Opera is faster. Without your 'preloader' even your thing loads within a second on an old 400mhz machine - nice smiling smiley Opera takes - I dunno, 5+ depending on 'how it's feeling' LOL Mozilla is even worse. IE opens instantly of course - but who cares - it has no tabbed browsing!

Yes I use Windows 95 - the very first shell from before they started sabbotaging it with file hanging & other things. I run 2tb on my test system & it's very fast - no need 4 more - plays DVDs, & movie downloads & all the rest - what mroe do U need?

It would B nice if N E 1 knows a way 2 add just the few functions missing from this early shell - like 'get special folders' command (some programs need this), & also it leaks RAM - have 2 reboot every few days - but then all Micro$hit OS R like that yes? It's about 20X faster than XP - literally.

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