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Great job
Posted by: Nanaki Son of Seto
Date: August 27, 2000 05:59PM

Great Job on Kmelion, You guys and gals are doing a good Job on it. I hope it stays small and keeps up the good display of webpages. Also, please keep the integrated IE/Kmelion bookmark system smiling smiley

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RE: Great job
Posted by: robrob
Date: August 29, 2000 12:12AM

here here !! Nice work !! Keep it light !!

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RE: Great job
Posted by: jww
Date: September 05, 2000 11:54PM

Excellent job!!! I'm used to NS4, but after unsuccessfully trying the preview
releases of NS6 and Opera from inside our corporate firewall, I was impressed
that I could install K-Meleon and it worked right away!!! All my favorite Web
pages that I've tried so far work without any problem! I may just have to bite
the bullet and convert all my NS4 bookmarks to K-Meleon/IE format. Please
keep up the great work! My NS4, besides crashing more and more, displays
blank pages for some (but not all) active server page (asp) content, so please
keep adding all the latest Web standards to your browser. Thanks!!!

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