Kmeleon's features
Posted by: Lance hall
Date: August 27, 2000 07:20AM

Kmeleon looks good, has a great feel to it, and is much better than the netscape 6 release. I seriously think netscape should take a look at this project and see what they think. Im a primary IE user, mainly because the bloatedness of the mozilla project over the gecko engine really turns me away from what they have to offer. Load time could be improved a bit however, (i am comparing this of course to IE 5.5 which loads in about less then a second on my machine) and some of the keyboard shortcuts that IE offers i would like to see implemented into kmel also. Example would be ALT+D to set the focus and highlight the text in the address bar. I like this project a lot, and i only say that about projects that i really truely like. I encourage further advancements on this, but please dont' make it bloated like mozilla. Its a browser, it browses the web, it should be simple like that.

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