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A solution for the focus bug (can't copy selected text, etc) of K-Meleon 1.7
Posted by: realgy
Date: February 18, 2013 08:03AM

Dwonload Link:
(Update: Added support for focus retrieve on opening frame in tab.)

This file is a solution for these problems in K-Meleon 1.7 version:

The selected text was grayed out and you can't copy it;
The cursor in input field disappeared;
You can't scroll page with mouse wheel sometimes;
You can't use PageDown/PageUp on current page sometimes.
You can't find in page using find bar sometimes; etc.

All of these problems come from the focus bug of KM1.7 -- when you open a new/background tab in KM1.7, the current page will lose focus.

This file was written to solve the problems,
Just download it and copy to the macros folder. Then restart K-Meleon.

If you usually use mouse gestures to open links, you should add these two new actions and bind them to your own gestures in Preferences:

Caption: Open Link In New Tab
Command: macros(Focus_OpenLinkInNewTab)

Caption: Open Link In Background Tab
Command: macros(Focus_OpenLinkInBgTab)

Then there will not be any focus problem when you open links with mouse gestures.

You might add a new action "Retrieve Focus" and bind it to the gesture "left and right" or some else, so that you can easily retrieve focus with this gesture at any time:

Caption: Retrieve Focus
Command: macros(_Focus_Exec)

Tips: After binding actions, you can use these two gestures on non-link area to do something else.

Use "Open Link In New Tab" on non-link area, you will get a new tab with blank page.
Use "Open Link In Background Tab" on non-link area, if there is any selected text in current page, you will copy it and retrieve focus, else you will just retrieve focus on current page.

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