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won't remember bookmarks
Posted by: John
Date: November 05, 2012 11:18PM

Every time I close and re-open K-Meleon, it has forgotten all the bookmarks I set up before.

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Re: won't remember bookmarks
Posted by: John
Date: November 05, 2012 11:59PM

I found some techno mumbo-jumbo in FAQ about deleting a profile.ini file but nothing makes any sense to me the way it's written and I can't find a profile.ini file anywhere in the computer. Where is the program folder, where is this file, why do they say, "if in setup", where is setup? Can somebody please explain in non-geekese?

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Re: won't remember bookmarks
Posted by: JamesD
Date: November 06, 2012 01:26PM

@ John

The profile.ini file is found in the same folder as your k-meleon.exe file. That is known as the "root" folder for KM.

For KM to remember the settings, history, etc. changes it must have write authority to its "Profile". This is different from the profile.ini file. To find the location of your KM's profile, you can use EDIT - CONFIGURATION - PROFILE DIRECTORY when running KM.


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Re: won't remember bookmarks
Posted by: rodocop
Date: November 06, 2012 01:46PM

All the bookmarks are stored in a file, named bookmarks.html and placed in your profile folder.

There are 2 different types of distribution of K-Meleon: installable (exe-files that invoke the standard installation procedure) and portable (usually 7z-archives, that need to be simply unpacked into some folder).

When you have K-Meleon installed, than it works like any other installed application - and it stores your personal data (your profile, that is created during the first run) into special system folder.
On WinXP standard path to KM user settings is C:\Documents and settings\'UserName'\Application data\K-Meleon\Profiles\'profile name'
On Vista, Win7 path usually is C:\Users\'UserName'\Application data\K-Meleon\Profiles\'profile name'

where 'UserName' is your user name (login) and the 'profile name' is the folder with randomly generated by K-Meleon default profile name (something like hksyc6sb.default - 8 random letters&digits filename with extension .default)

When you have got portable version - than it's distributed in 7z-archive, containing packed working folder of K-Meleon with all stuff inside. This folder contains also that very file profile.ini. This file is empty but it forces KM to create Profiles folder inside K-Meleon root folder (e.g. unpacked folder containing all the application).

The problem of losing bookmarks and settings is about restrictions to write data to some places in system.
Sometimes it's related with limited user rights (if you aren't Administrator of your PC.
This usually happens if you are not too familiar with PC and somebody have set it up for you.)
And sometimes this is because of attribute 'read-only' set on files that need to be updated during the use (for example, the file bookmarks.html is updated everytime you add bookmarks while working in K-Meleon).

So I don't know what is your case. But you cannot find profile.ini - and I think you have your KM installed not just unpacked.
If your bookmarks file isn't updated - then we can think two ways:
1. the file bookmarks.html in your profile folder (can be found under standard system path, shown above in my post and depending on your Operation System) has the 'read-only' attribute set.
Just select it, click right mouse button, select 'Properties' and uncheck the 'Read-only' box.

2. you do not have rights to write data into Profiles folder (it may happen for example if somebody installs K-Meleon on your PC under one user account and you are using it under another one).

Then you have a few ways to behave:
a) find your K-Meleon installation (or 'root') folder (where the file k-meleon.exe is sitting) and create there empty file named profile.ini. Next time you'll launch KM, the new profile will be created inside new 'Profiles' folder under KM root folder.
If you cannot create file there - then you haven't rights to write into this folder too - try solution b)
If you can - then just copy all the files from your old profile folder to the new one. Now all your bookmarks will have to remain between launches.

b) Try to download portable K-Meleon build (I recommend K-Meleon Twin+ from my signature) and unpack it to the folder where you DO have rights to write data into.
K-Meleon will have to be fully working now.

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