Typing in text boxes is very slow.
Posted by: AutoPsychotic
Date: October 04, 2012 06:44AM

When I type in some text boxes, such as Facebook or YouTube comment boxes, the text takes ages (sometimes over a minute) to appear, one painstaking letter at a time.

In previous browsers I have found this to happen when the browser's built-in "check spelling as you type" option was enabled, but I can't seem to find any such option in K-meleon, and I'm fairly certain I haven't installed any spell-checking extensions.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Re: Typing in text boxes is very slow.
Posted by: JamesD
Date: October 04, 2012 12:08PM

@ AutoPsychotic

What version of KM are you using and on which operating system? Is the problem with all text boxes or just those on a few site?


Re: Typing in text boxes is very slow.
Posted by: JohnHell
Date: October 05, 2012 01:21AM

It's javascript. It also depends on your system specs.

I don't know how the hell the script that count left characters has been created, but each time you type a letter... you know... (EDIT: I was talking about youtube in this paragraph)

Facebook is the same, of course.

And if post a youtube comment is a pain... I don't recommend you to give a try to write at twitter any message. Even with the latest Opera, and one of the most standard compliant engines..., it is a pain in the ass.

I said lot of times, but AJAX, AJAX, AJAX, I hate AJAX.

Disable javascript before open a youtube comment page, for example, and you'll see the difference. BTW, if you do so, you won't be able to post a comment or do anything else :/.

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