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netvibes : problems
Posted by: Mala Okeh
Date: August 03, 2012 05:48PM

Since a few days doesn't work anymore in k-meleon 1.6 and 1.7. Is there a solution for that?

Thx a lot in advance

Mala Okeh

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Re: netvibes : problems
Posted by: JamesD
Date: August 03, 2012 09:16PM

I suspect that the site has some HTML5 code and the age of the engine in KM is so old that we cannot display it correctly. I tried different user agents in KM 1.6.0 beta 2.4 and there was no change to the display.

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Re: netvibes : problems
Posted by: rodocop
Date: August 04, 2012 01:51AM

I agree.

All what we can offer is to use Chrometab, available in the next CommMeleon build

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