Ad-ons V Performance
Posted by: Michael
Date: April 13, 2012 04:40AM

I'd appreciate any advice. One of the main reasons for my using KM is its high permormance whilst being resource light. However, I've seen quite a few add-ons that I'd like to add to it as well as a skin. However, my experience with other browsers such as Firefox, is that the addition of ad-ons can greatly slow the browser whilst also raising demand on CPU and RAM while also slowing the speed (even if not actually using the ad-ons). Does the same rule apply with KM and to the same extent?

Re: Ad-ons V Performance
Posted by: JamesD
Date: April 13, 2012 06:12AM

Add-ons that are just macros do not increase resource usage very much. Add-ons which have executable files I really don't know.


Re: Ad-ons V Performance
Posted by: kmext
Date: April 13, 2012 01:42PM

will extensions slow my k-meleon?
no. unlike some other gecko-based browsers; K-Meleon uses native windows api, that means it is tightly integrated into your operating system and the extensions- particularly xul extensions that are known to degrade performance in those other browsers- have no affect whatsoever on K-Meleon's performance whether it's startup time or page rendering speed.

Re: Ad-ons V Performance
Posted by: Michael
Date: April 16, 2012 03:53AM

Thanks everyone smiling smiley

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