Web bookmarking system for K-Meleon
Posted by: rodocop
Date: February 13, 2012 05:52AM

I'd been looking for usable web bookmarking service suitable for KM-users (taking myself as example ;-). And finally I've got it!

Looks like far-fetched problem? Slow down. I've tried so many services and hardly could find required, unless I've got it!

So what were the requirements?
1) This shouldn't be necessarily 'social' bookmarking (as almost any bookmark, published in web, is social) - crucial point is power management (find, sort, export-import and so on) abilities along with...
2) ...cyrillic encoding support and...
2) ...and that was a stumbling block - I've needed the tool to quickly add site to my account while surfing and get back to surf.

KM don't support bookmarklets like 'big 4' does^
- you can create such JS-bookmark only by hand in BM-editor
- you are limited in JS length
- even if created, bookmarklet won't behave as expected as a general rule.

So I've changed a lot of services - you know, there are about 100 popular web-bookmarking services and God knows how much out-of-the-way ones.

After declining many top-of-mind social services I've started with Chipmark.com where my collection was stored for some time, but it hasn't KM-workable tool (only FF extension) and - the worse - when I've tried to export my collection to html-file - it creates something unusable nor by KM neither by other browsers (Chrome for example).
I've spent much time digging into this file and making it compatible with Mozilla bookmarks format manually. Thanks God, I'd succeeded! (as only one copy of my linl collection existed - chipmarked ;-)

So, while being pretty convenient and easy on the eye chipmark.com cannot be recommended unless you aren't FF user.

Then I'd been trying many more services looking for long lists and comparative reviews on the web, but every time I have failed. Sometimes the deal stops at very beginning when it comes to i10n (no cyrillic codepage support), but much more it was about functions and finally (almost overwhelming point!) - when it comes to the "Add link in KM" quiz.

Thinking positive I want to mark only services, what are interesting in some way, but this can wait...

As now I'm glad to present you THE WINNER!
Best K-Meleonnaire web-bookmarking service: LinkaGoGo

It isn't perfect visually but it has all the power of bookmark online management and some more ;-) and - the most important - LinkaGoGo button can be added to the KM personal bookmarks panel (manually of course) and it's workable!!!

You browse the web -> 
-> you find page to save in bookmarks -> 
-> you press 'Add2LinkaGoGo' button -> 
-> 'Add bookmark' page with form (mainly filled in automatically!) is opened -> 
-> you choose folder for save and some other options then press 'Add' button -> 
-> you're back on your saved page 
and the link is added to your collection in background!

Earlier I've found MURL service, giving almost the same workflow, but its window won't be filled in automatically and it doesn't close and return you back after adding.

But none the victory can be taken without a fight! drool smiley

And when I became almost happy one thing had nearly destroyed my achievement - when I've imported KM-bookmark file into LinkaGoGo I found that it can't understand cyrillic symbols! OMFG!!! What to do? Where to find replacement??? Game over?!

I've tried to save html-file in different encodings locally and then import it - but none succeeded.

And finally I've noticed that the list of formats suitable for import seems familiar to me. Yes - it was almost the same as the list of accessible transcodings in one tool I've downloaded the day earlier - Transmute.

That was the escape!

I've converted my html-file into XBEL (XML-based format) - and import was 100% successful!

Now I have all my collection online and I can to supplement it day by day using my lovely KM! (like any other popular browser, by the way).
LinkaGoGo has one small limitation though - it assumes that more than 20 additions to the collection a day (or simply frequent supplement) looks like spam and sometime refuses to add one link immediately after another being added.

Just wait a minute - all should be OK then!

Welcome to LinkaGoGo, folks, if you need web bookmarking system fully working in K-Meleon.

Don't think it's a spаm message, please tongue sticking out smiley
It really was my big problem when using KM as default browser and I'm very happy to get it gone. So I think it may be useful for somebody here.

I'm planning to continue my talks about software which is worth to combine with KM in everyday use...

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Re: Web bookmarking system for K-Meleon
Posted by: rodocop
Date: February 13, 2012 06:23AM

Yes, I know about extension for fast Google bookmarking and I've been using it for sometime, but:
- it's not so easy as LGG because I had to manually fill in the bookmark description (and something more??? I can't remember exactly...)
- it captures 'Shift+G' combination which is moveton IMHO (I need this to simply write something as 'Google' or 'Gates' - thanks guenter he doesn't use capital 'G' ;-)
- I don't like Google bookmarking service - it seems ugly for me...

I've promised to say smthng about noticeable services. So here I go:

1) One of the most original and attractive is SiteBar and I like to work there and it imports my collection pretty good with all the i10n support but:
- it limits you to only 500 links in free version (Hadn't I noted that my service must be free? Really hadn't I? Oh, I hadn't forgotten it - I just hoped you can guess tongue sticking out smiley)
- it's bookmarklet can't get working in KM
- it is designed specially for using in sidebar (so it has some calembour in his name) thus KM isn't the best host browser since 1.6v.
I've tried to use it with Juxtapozer but it won't login in such way.

2) Another OBM (online bookmark manager) that looks interesting on screens was onlinebookmarkmanager.com but it is now closed being transformed into new promising service. So I'll be waiting...

3) If you prefer tagged bookmark management over 'foldered', you can stick with Diigo.
The Diigolet - advanced Diigo bookmarklet - is fully workable in KM and it allows you not only bookmark page but also to highlight and add sticky-notes to pages and share links on social nets.

I like the way it works but I prefer hierarchical structure of link collection so I leave Diigo as the second (but really beautiful) option.

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Re: Web bookmarking system for K-Meleon
Posted by: rodocop
Date: February 14, 2012 05:35AM

The story goes ahead: today I've found one more solution - so elegant and simple that I can't remain silent.

Meet Fav20.com

Looks fresh and easy but in contrast with LinkaGoGo it handles bookmarks (BM) in modern visual way.

The button added to the BM-panel works fine opening your private page on Fav20.com if you are logged in there (and when you are not - opens the so to say 'general' page of the service - not yours but working the same way as private and saved using cookies as I can conclude) - and visually adds there thumbnail-link to your newly created BM. Just fine!

Management tools are pretty modest compared with ones on LinkaGoGo, but every bit is made so attractive and highly-usable (mootools used to create this beauty as I can see from the page source) that I can't resist to all the fun that I get using Fav20.com!

Comparison of LinkaGoGo and Fav20 looks much like 'Linux vs MacOS': one powerful but ugly a bit - and another offering only essentials but with orgasmic interoperability!

And like MacOS, Fav20.com surely has some limitations:

1) No tree folder structure: you can add unlimited 'categories', but they cannot be placed one within another so actually they are 'tags'.
For me this is a serious limitation because not every user can hold 'tags collection' convenient and workable - every time you add new BM, the temptation is to add more new tags, so one day your 'catalogue' becomes almost useless.

I can recommend tagged cataloging only for perfectly self-organized minds.

2) After adding page no return to bookmarked page happens. You have to do it manually if you plan to work with page further.

3) Adding script saves (and thewhole service supports) only page address and title - and the latter is truncated after 24 characters.
This wouldn't be a big problem but sometime page title (primarily - with non-latin chars) cannot be handled (as I suppose) and no adding happens. Just error appears and I can't precisely determine the mandatory conditions of script refuses.

However, when it fails to add page by bookmarklet, you have the simplest option add it manually copy-pasting address to the special field:

Sorry for blurry screens - I'm testing now free softwares and services for fast screenshot sharing and my Jet Screenshot allows only JPEG saving in free version...

Take a look at Fav20.com site - and you would see that all is visually perfect there.

So despite of noted drawbacks I can highly recommend this service for everyday use - primarily for artistic-minded people.

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Re: Web bookmarking system for K-Meleon
Posted by: rodocop
Date: February 02, 2013 08:37AM

I'm going on testing new bookmarking services to include the best of them in new Twin.

Now I've added some more sites in my bookmarklet collection.

1. Listango.com
Another one service to bookmark your pages fast. Nothing special but clean interface and options to star bookmarks as well as share them via Twitter or e-mail.

NB! You need to set up one trick to have Listango bookmarklet (fast add page to collection) working in KM. Look below!

2. Zootool
Fantastic tool, letting you not only bookmark pages but also save some content like Pinterest do. But ZooTool finds more saveable items on the average page than Pinterest! And it handles images, videos and (!) documents!

It has 3 bookmarklet-driven options:
a) Lasso - customizable addition with naming, tagging and so on - like in LinkaGoGo. 
Recommended for non-latin readers (see below) and precisians grinning smiley
b) Heart - fast addition withiut any buzz. 
Not recommended for cyrillians and other non-latin encoded pages 
as it cannot fill in bookmark name properly. Use Lasso instead.
c) Aquarium - opens new tab (window) with 'Search over your Zootool collection'. 
Not compatible with Popup-blocking though. 
Even whitelisting do not help sometimes.

Like Listango (and from the some last days - Diigo) needs to have one trick applied to browser setup.

3. Gimmebar
Zootool analog. Check what you would like more.

The same trick needed.

4. Bookmarks2
More traditional tag-based online bookmarker.
Clean interface. Easy import/export of html bookmarks files. Folders are transponed to correspondent tags during import. Very fast work.

5. Pinterest.
Its Pinterest!

The trick!
Add every described site to the list of allowed to accept cookies. It is needed even if you accept cookies by default. And KM by default accepts only cookies from originating sites, so it doesn't allow that bookmarklets to work. Tools->Privacy->Permissions->Cookies -> add zootool.com or diigo.com or gimmebar.com etc. by typing the address and pressing 'Allow'

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