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Unofficial KM remixes by DugBug - fast, clean and secure!
Posted by: rodocop
Date: November 23, 2011 10:49AM

As I've promised earlier, this thread will be devoted to the bunch of KM remixes made by DugBug (known here as dugbugoffice).

These builds are all about speed, security, usability and clear look so I think they are worth trying.

(I'm not familiar with their author so it's not an advertisement but just wish to promote one more good KM-remix as alternative to official builds and Fred remixes which are de-facto standard for today).

So you can try these builds pointing your browser here

and choosing preferable branch - 1.5, 1.6 or 1.7.

These are portable installations of KM with Profile folder inside KM directory so you need simply to unpack downloaded archive files (7zip needed or use TotalCommander with 7zip wcx-plugin added). They don't affect nor each other neither your current KM-installation.

What you need to know about them?
A. There are 2 builds in every branch - "db" and "db+"
First is bare KM without extensions and second is extended build. Read this for details:
  1. K-Meleon-1.5.1db(+) despite of it's number is an 1.5.4 remix with some fixes applied to work with new css on Youtube.
  2. K-Meleon-1.6.1db(+) is based AFAIK on 1.6a4 (exe from 09.05.10) and have typeahead (or Find-as-you-type) not working by default. I don't know the reason but I've learned how to fix this.
    • just replace accel.cfg in your profile folder with K-Meleon-1.6.1db+\defaults\settings\accel.cfg and restart browser if it was opened
    • next issue is Back not working with Backspace key - so just uncomment this binding in accel.cfg (delete # in start of line).
        #VK_BACK = ID_NAV_BACK
        VK_BACK = ID_NAV_BACK  
    • I think this have been made because on some modern-coded sites KM goes Back instead of just backspacing in text field when you edit posts, which is really annoying. So if you frequently use such sites (no ready lists - just try your favorites to learn whether they behave so in KM) or simply don't use going Back by keyboard - don't apply my last edit!
  3. K-Meleon-1.7.8db(+) is based on 1.7 alpha from 09.05.10 so it faces all limitations of 1.7-branch:
    • - no working typeahead and no way to get it worging now (I wonder why - FF 3.6.x has this working properly. May be some mistake in embedding?)
    • - no compatible AdBlock
    • - no compatible NoScript
    • - no ability to change some minor settings in Preferences
    • - no interface for saved passwords management but saving itself works properly and can be switched on/off. You just are not asked about saving when filling login data first time on each site and after that you cannot open list of saved passwords and manage them.
      One way to fix it supposed here is:
      One way to do passwords is to make sure the default profile folder is the same between your version and beta2 and in this fashion, I copied the password file over and all works well.
    • and the last but I think most important issue is that history plugin is not working in K-Meleon-1.7.8db(+) by default.
      So proper workaround is to
      1. - take KM CCF ME O.097
        download it from here:
      2. - extract from there file kplugins\history.dll
      3. - place it to the same folder in your KM-1.7.8db directory overwriting existing one.
      4. - Restart KM.
      5. - Now it works!
    • Backspace issue is actual here too. Just act the same as in case of 1.6.1.db

What are extra benefits you get with db-builds?
  1. Speed.
    It's visibly faster in browsing or just opening large saved sessions. Up to 150% is real value on most sites and in everyday use.
  2. Security.
    There are security tweaks you can easily apply with 2 clicks giving you 5 security levels, strongest of them being good replacement for AdBlock and NoScript extensions - which is drastically important for 1.7-branch.
    And applying them increases speed too!
  3. Usability.
    Not only more useful extentions built-in and most tweakable Preferences panel (has maximum number of settings you can adjust I've seen in different KM-builds).
    It has very handy toolbar with buttons for quick blocking content or setting up your privacy. Better in some points (IMHO) than privacy bar.
  4. Clear look.
    It's all about personal tastes of course, but I found dbTango theme one of the best for me. I really appreciate this look and send my respects to dugbug. Great work!

The very last thing I want to say
Now I'm using Fred's KM-S2014 and dugbug's db+-builds alongside and can't say one is better than others.

If you prefer Fred's builds or any other version you can just download KMFILES by dugbug and add them to your installation following instruction by their author:,117060

Try it, enjoy it and say thanks to dugbug!

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Re: Unofficial KM remixes by DugBug - fast, clean and secure!
Posted by: rodocop
Date: November 25, 2011 12:40PM

There is new beta KM-1.7.25db with Gecko from FF-3.6.25pre

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