target=_blank issue?
Posted by: syncopator
Date: October 02, 2011 09:48PM

I just upgraded my computer to a Windows 7 box. Downloaded the latest K-Meleon, version 1.5.4. Went through the config and thought I had everything adjusted.

However, it looks like links with a target="_blank" tag don't open in a new window.

I've turned tabbed browsing off because I hate tabs and they are redundant (the OS has tabs on the taskbar already), BUT, that doesn't work very well if it won't open new links in a new window without using right-click and "open in a new window"-- it's a pain to do it that way when it used to work fine. I don't know if it's Windows 7, the new version of K-Meleon, or a preferences option that I've overlooked. I'm not sure what version of K-Meleon I was on previoiusly, could be 1.5.1 I suppose. I could try reverting to that but I suspect it's a config option somewhere that I just haven't been able to locate...

Any ideas?



Re: target=_blank issue?
Posted by: JamesD
Date: October 03, 2011 12:33AM

Check the options available under EDIT - PREFERENCES - BROWSING - WINDOW DIVERSION.

Re: target=_blank issue?
Posted by: gordon451
Date: October 03, 2011 12:49AM

Hi syncopator -

You may also want to look at F2 (Preferences)>Browsing>>Window Diversion>>Popup Window Diversion and choose "Treat the request as if it originated...".

Certainly my 1.5.4 (which I rarely use these days, 1.6.0b2 is better!) handles target=_blank properly with tabs disabled.


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