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Updated unofficial version: KM-NX-19118
Posted by: Fred
Date: March 26, 2011 01:40PM

I have uploaded an updated unofficial no-Xul version :
This is a NoXul variation,
usable in Linux together with wine , or also in Windows,
updated to Mozilla Gecko from Seamonkey 2.0.13. (Thanks to Guenter.)
Based on KM 1.5, not on KM 1.6 .
The fast NX No-chrome concept is used here. Thanks to Hao Jiang and Dorian.
The profiles folder will be created inside the K-Meleon main folder, and should
leave profiles from other versions untouched.
If, when in Linux, you want this folder inside the wine configuration directory because of
property rights problems, rename the file profile.ini inside the K-Meleon
main folder to for example profile.ini-renamed before the first start.
Note :
This version works only if you have the files mfc71u.dll, msvcp71.dll
and msvcr71.dll in your system or in your K-Meleon folder.
If you need these files, look for them in the internet.
If necessary in Linux, copy the files manually to the K-Meleon main folder.
A javascript button has been included. After changing permissions for javascript, reload the page.
As this variation has no xul, there is also no working Preferences panel.
Personal changes of the default configuration can only be made editing the configuration files manually.
Extensions are not installable in this No-xul variation.
The user agent has been set to Opera 10, to get the best browser recognition on javascript sites,
when working with Linux and the wine emulator.
Other user agents can be selected in the Tools menu.
Keyboard shortcuts:
Page back : (right)ctrl + left arrow
Page forward : (right)ctrl + right arrow
Go to home : (right)ctrl + up arrow
CloseWindow : (right)ctrl + down arrow

Download the zip file here:


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