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K-Meleon v1.5.4 Freezing Up ...
Posted by: duffy98
Date: March 24, 2011 02:02PM

OK, this happens every so often but sometimes more than once in a day. I have several windows (tabs) open ... maybe 4 or 5 and KM will just freeze up and I have to do the "Control/Alt - Delete" thing to close KM. I think I read somewhere about someone else asking about this but I can't find the topic. Is this happening because I have too many tabs open at one time? I don't think the "freezing" ever happens with 2 or 3 tabs open but I am not 100% about that. Are there settings in the Preferences area that could be adjusted or is this just something KM v1.5.4 does? ... or maybe this is not KM related at all ... maybe it's my older computer being a Pentium 3 with Windows 98SE. Any thoughts or knowledge of this problem appreciated. If it is because I have too many tabs open at one time then I can understand ... maybe with a newer, faster computer that can handle more operations ... a person can have 6 or 7 tabs open at one time, I don't know ... thanks.

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Re: K-Meleon v1.5.4 Freezing Up ...
Posted by: JamesD
Date: March 24, 2011 03:37PM

I think KM is supposed to let you handle up to 80 tabs. Have you checked on how much of your machine resources are being used when you have many tabs open?

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Re: K-Meleon v1.5.4 Freezing Up ...
Posted by: duffy98
Date: March 24, 2011 04:42PM

James ... I think I'm OK on that. I have 512 ram and use RAMpage to watch my usage. A great little program that works on Win98SE and also Windows 2K, possibly XP.

I will post a link here for anyone that never heard of it and would like to try it ... it uses very little resources to run ... Once you get it set up (1 min) it just sits there giving you information. You can see it change as you open and close programs and then maybe "fine tune" or change your settings, if you want. I just have it start when I start my computer, so it's always running. That option is in settings.

RAMpage is a Windows utility that displays the amount of available memory in the System Tray. It can also free memory; by double clicking the tray icon, by setting a threshold that activates the program automatically, or by having it run automatically when a program exits.


* Frees memory automatically, on demand, or after an application finishes running
* Very low active memory footprint, and very low resource and CPU usage
* Can run "hidden", which further reduces memory and resource usage
* Can be run from a batch file, or via a shortcut, to free memory on a "once off" basis
* Easy to install, configure and automate, (click here to see the configuration screen)
* Freeware


When I just opened KM again, I went from 327M to 301M out of 512M

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Re: K-Meleon v1.5.4 Freezing Up ...
Posted by: siria
Date: March 24, 2011 08:07PM

grinning smiley I'm using RAM DefXT on my Win98/256MB machine, from the description our programs sound like twins grinning smiley

No, with just 5-6 tabs you definitely don't have too many open. I often have 30 or more open, and while it does seem to sometimes nearly kill the connection, the RAM cleaner mostly opens the door again.

But I have all sorts of shields up, especially javascript blocked, that makes a giant difference in speed and efficiency too.

And if I allow javascript temporarily, one of my old forums also froze the browser. After much investigation I figured out that it must be some deadly marquee script that it loaded from "". After blocking that domain in my hosts file, there's no freezing anymore in that forum. Of course sometimes there are other websites which require that google-ajax for some real function, then I have to temporarily delete the block again. But need it only once every few months, so can live with it. Have created a shortcut on a privacy button to open HOSTS in my editor with 1 click. Then again, I usually prefer to just go away if a website insists in that stupid google-ajax or other heavy scripting tongue sticking out smiley

Another reason for freezing has perhaps to do with the latest KernelEx-Versions, it seems that sometimes the keyboard-mouse-commands in the browser suddenly aren't recognized anymore. In that case the fix is to activate another window for a moment and after return to the browser all works normal again. Or perhaps that also has to do with KM1.6-beta version, some forum posts sound like users of modern systems experience that strange thing too sometimes, but cannot tell for sure.

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Re: K-Meleon v1.5.4 Freezing Up ...
Posted by: duffy98
Date: March 24, 2011 10:52PM

Thanks siria for the information. That program RAM DefXT also looks interesting. I am going to download and experiment with it. I never gave KernelEx a thought ... could be something to that. When KM freezes up and I have to close it, my computer still runs OK, it's not frozen so I don't have to reboot, just restart KM. I might also be doing a download when it happens so it could just be my "old" computer acting up ... I like KM v1.5.4 and also KM v1.6 B2 ... I tend to use 1.5.4 more ... will wait for the next 1.6 Beta version to come out. They may be working on a newer KernelEx version also.

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