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Posted by: crummy
Date: October 18, 2001 01:19AM

i cant believe it... a forum with *replies* from the owners!

lol... just a bit irateful after kazaa incredibly lousy support... yuck.

anyway, i heard about this in the forum at, and i got some questions...

--is it faster than opera? what about ie6?
--i have a mouse from the pc company of new zealand, and it has a scroll, its optical, but the special thing is, it has 2 extra buttons, one on each side. afaik, none of my programs recognize them, eg. i cant bind them to things in games like quake. except internet explorer. then they are used to go back/forward. does k-meleon support this?
--i want to compare ie's footprint to k-meleons. can someone gimme some figures?
--does it run every page? i know opera, because of its strict adherance to w3's rules, doesnt display some pages. does k-meleon do this?

thanks a lot!
~ crummy

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Re: wow
Posted by: Quake
Date: October 18, 2001 03:20AM

I''m using it and I don't have difficulty viewing websites.

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Re: wow
Posted by: Moderator
Date: October 18, 2001 09:40AM

It would be pretty hard to compare resources of IE and K-Meleon b/c IE loads a lot of stuff up when the computer is loaded. Right now on Win2k Server I have K-Meleon running at just under 14 MB (13,996K) compared to 12,460 K for IE6. But like I said, IE6 is integrated into the OS, so who knows how much memory it's really using. (Mozilla uses 25MB, btw) K-Meleon runs the same browser engine as Mozilla so it loads the same stuff without problems (which is 99% of all the webpages I visit). Don't know about the mouse thing though, sorry.

If you're wondering, I've been using K-Meleon 0.5 as my default browser for a few weeks now and it's great.

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