New K-Meleon on Win98 SE
Posted by: WasiAzeem
Date: November 24, 2010 05:36AM

great news. downloaded K-Meleon1.6.0_Beta_en-US.7z. ah! it doesnt ork with win98.
The K-MELEON.EXE file is linked to missing export ADVAPI32.DLL:CreateRestrictedToken.
and then
A device attached to the system is not working
It seems to me that the wi98 support has been removed? but i have read on the forum that some guy reportin some details on win98, how?
I have tried to copy ADVAPI32.DLL from WinXP, but it doesnt work.
Any exlpaination?

Re: New K-Meleon on Win98 SE
Posted by: siria
Date: November 24, 2010 07:38AM

Look here:,110479,103551

--> You need to install KernelEx
It's a tiny 200kB free proggie that consists of some newer system files, and so helps to run *some* programs that otherwise would only work in modern systems. Like gecko1.9 in Firefox and K-Meleon. After installation you'll see that KernelEx has added to the properties sheet of all exe and dll-files a "compatibility" tab, like modern system already have natively. That will allow you to set e.g. "k-meleon.exe" to run in compatibility mode for "XP SP2" in windows98. But other programs may need other modes, that's a matter of just trying and see what works.

But be warned, this is really changing some essential system files!! You need a certain understanding how it works, since occasionally there will now happen weird startup probs of other programs, even old ones which had always worked fine before. No prob to fix it, you just must remember to adjust that compatibility setting for its exe file, and in such cases explicitely reset it to "win98" mode! The main problem is really to always remember instantly "KernelEx! compatibility!" if a program doesn't run anymore, instead of panicking cool smiley

At setup KernelEx lets you choose if you want it enabled or not as "default" mode, but personally I had much better experiences with keeping it disabled as default mode. That still doesn't disable it completely, just mostly, therefore the occasional startup probs with older progs, which can be fixed with setting them on "win98" mode..
By the way your individual settings are stored in some list, with the path to the files, so if you move such an exe file around to other folders, the compatibility must be set *again*.

Before installation, make a backup of your system, just in case cool smiley
Make an extra copy of your original old KERNEL32.DLL in your windows system folder (name it "KERNEL32.DLL-BAK"), since the Kex-backup of that file somehow tends to get lost and then you can't uninstall it anymore, before getting another copy again.

And do NOT install a new KEx version immediately after uninstalling a previous version. You need to reboot first, otherwise can end up with some really scary system errors (I tried that, believe me tongue sticking out smiley) And there are a few people who say it messed their system, but personally it always worked fine for me, except this one time, and that was my own fault. Fortunately the system repaired itself again after two more reboots, ouff <sweat>


With the first alpha version of KM1.6 there was also the prob that I needed to get those vcredist files first, but guess in the current beta-1 they are already included in the 7z-file...

A general tip, the latest version is a beta and has some bugs yet, but there's no need to overwrite your current 154 version with it. Simply use both versions independantly smiling smiley
First open KM154 and click Edit > Manage Profiles > Ask at startup
Then install KM1.6 into a folder with another name, and give it also an own NEW profile folder. Afterwards you can even create yet another profile, to test how it works if you copy over the content of your old profile folder.

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Re: New K-Meleon on Win98 SE
Posted by: guenter
Date: November 24, 2010 07:39AM

Hi WasiAzeem,

I bumped up one thread for You.


Search for recent kernelx threads and win98 in this forum. There are several active users running 1.6beta on Win98.

p.s. siria is a spoil spot that keeps posting faster than me. grinning smiley

mfG to India and Germany smiling smiley

@siria, Ich werde mal hören, ob ich ein 98 mit kernelX Forum anlegen dürfte.

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Re: New K-Meleon on Win98 SE
Posted by: siria
Date: November 24, 2010 07:55AM

LOL! Very often it's the other way around and you are faster than me grinning smiley

Über ein win98 subforum hab ich auch schon nachgedacht, nur andererseits bringt uns das vielleicht ein bisschen zu sehr ausser Sichtweite, gerade zur Zeit... cool smiley und bei vielen 'komischen Sachen' wissen wir anfangs noch gar nicht, ob es nicht auch andere Systeme betrifft... Kann mich noch nicht ganz entscheiden, was mir jetzt lieber wäre... grübel...;-)

Re: New K-Meleon on Win98 SE
Posted by: WasiAzeem
Date: November 25, 2010 05:31AM

Thank you all, for a quick reply, and I really like the way you guided me in detail.
Sure I will try KernelEx, heard about it earlier. I still prefer Win98SE, though I have WinXP installed along with it.
I hope now there will not be any problem, but if any I will bother you again smiling smiley
Will be here again after I experience KernelEx and K-Meleon.
I must admit here, that a year ago I came to know about k-meleon, and since then its my only browser, though I have AM browser installed with IE, but they both sleep calmly. I quit using FireFox when it was prooved to be spyware, in my own experience.
See you soon thanks.

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