Re: hotmail
Posted by: 4td8s
Date: September 15, 2010 05:27PM

Bug 396259 has been "reopened" a few weeks ago on the hotmail problem with non-Firefox Gecko browsers. Read it, especially the most recent comments:

Re: hotmail
Posted by: SoerenB
Date: September 16, 2010 03:22AM


there's no real need to read it yourself - it just states it was reopened, nothing else NEW.

As was stated here, but not only here, before, everything there indicates this is a hotmail bug, namely bad sniffing, not being caused by any browser.

From the browser's perspective, the simple and effective method to handle such site "bugs" is to present a fake UserAgent to the site's incompetent sniffing.
K-Meleon is very well equipped to do that, as can be read in those numerous threads about hotmail, facebook, google maps, et cetera.

Btw., 4td8s (40 dates? wow!), have you started to learn coding yet?
Any timetable for you being able to join the KM dev's team?


Back again ...

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Re: hotmail
Posted by: SoerenB
Date: September 17, 2010 09:36AM

disrupted, a while ago:
why not forget about webmail and use a client like outlook express or thunderbird or windows mail etc.

On the other hand: why not use some other free webMail service?
I extracted a list of webMail services which I'll put in a new thread in the "Extensions" forum ... maybe someone can write a macro to ease migration ...


Back again ...

Re: hotmail
Posted by: siria
Date: September 17, 2010 10:07AM

Or combine it: Use yahoo via pop3 in Outlook Express, and in holidays via web-interface grinning smiley
When I last looked some years ago, thatdepended from the country (IP-check), was free in germany, but not e.g. US. No idea about other countries today, but still works fine in DE.

Re: hotmail cant read my mail
Posted by: luann c bellinger
Date: December 24, 2012 07:22PM

what is wrong with hot mail why cant i check or read my mail help

Re: hotmail
Posted by: luann c bellinger
Date: December 24, 2012 07:23PM


Re: hotmail
Posted by: rodocop
Date: December 25, 2012 04:39AM

Search the forum - there are a number of similar problems and solutions.

In short - 1.5.x is outdated and you need to update your KM to 1.6beta.

Also see recommendation links in signature.

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