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Posted by: Fulvio
Date: October 08, 2001 04:30PM

I wanted to post on something else,and,when I clicked on New Topic,it took about three minutes to get this page.Now my real question.I am using a shortcut to get me into the McAfee Message Board.It works,but every time it start with a different page than the one I usually reach with any other browser.That is not a big deal.The next one is more bothersome.I was answering to an e-mail,on that board,and,Instead of quoting,I go back and forth to refer to the original message.It may not be a good idea,but I do it all the time with other browsers,using the back arrow.When I did that,I got a warning which say the page had expired,and then I was given a choice,which I forgot and/or misunderstood. Clicking on that button,went back all the way to the Hot Topics,which is the starting page for K-meleon,and lost the half completed message.
Any idea why a page would expire so quickly?
Oh,yes.It takes forever to send,also.

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