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Alt text of images
Posted by: Christoph
Date: October 08, 2001 08:07AM

Because a widely used browser shows the "alt" attribute of an image on mouseover, many existing sites heavily depend on this feature and display valuable information to the user this way.

I noticed that Mozilla / Netscape 6.x shows the "title" attribute instead, and began to change all the webpages created by me by adding a title attribute to all images with content identical to alt.

Kmeleon does not show any text when moving the mouse over an image - neither the "alt" text nor the "title" text. That's bad.

1. I would expect that Kmeleon displays the "title" text as Mozilla does
2. It would be even better if I could select what I would like to see when moving the mouse over a picture - the "alt" or the "title" text - somewhere in the "preferences" menu, because many web pages expect that the user sees the "alt" text.

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Re: Alt text of images
Posted by: Jeff
Date: October 08, 2001 08:28AM

This has been added, and will be available in the the next release. The text in the tooltip is "title", if it exists, or "alt" if "title" is not specified.

Technically, Mozilla/Netscape are doing this the Right Way (tm). The "alt" text is an accessibility feature that should provide useful information to users who are not viewing the image, while the "title" tag should be used to give additional information about the picture being viewed. Displaying "alt" instead of "title" would allow web authors to continue to neglect/abuse an important accessibilty feature, and part of Mozilla's objective is to reinstate standards.

-- Jeff

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Re: Alt text of images
Posted by: Christoph
Date: October 08, 2001 09:04AM

I know that the behaviour of Mozilla to show the "title" is the right standards compliant way. But it does not increase the broad acceptance of a browser if many web pages are not displaying as expected.

What you implement in Kmeleon sounds to be a really reasonable solution: display the title if it is present and if not display the alt text. Well done!


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