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website dates
Posted by: Adrian
Date: October 02, 2001 01:45AM

Wow, you guys seem to have many more months in your year than we do (in Australia), but far fewer days in a single month. How do you manage? What are your seasons like? What do you call all these extra months?

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Re: website dates
Posted by: Fulvio
Date: October 02, 2001 05:02PM

If months and days are presented in Australia the same way as they are in Europe,I think that I follow you.I guess that days and months are fully interchangeable.We manage.Still,I think that the second day of October makes more sense than October the second day of.

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Re: website dates
Posted by: Brian
Date: October 02, 2001 06:15PM

It's not "October the second day of" it's "October second" kinda like "K-Meleon 0.4"

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Re: website dates
Posted by: Jeff
Date: October 02, 2001 06:37PM

#include "SenseOfHumour.h"

This is largely an internationalization bug. K-Meleon does not yet (any probably nevery will) support the RDN, or Reverse Date Notation formatting. This is similar to Reverse Polish Notation, which may be more intelligent, but is not the Western standard and therefor not supported on most data entry packages (calculators, spreadsheets, etc)

The Australian Reverse Data Notation is one of the many curious quirks of an island best known for beer, table wines, mixed-up animals, and incomprehensible dialect. It stems from the problem that there is no "clockwise" standard in Australia. Remember how the toilets flush backwards there? It's the same with everything else that spins, including clocks. As a result of this, most Australians have gross misconceptions of time, space, themselves, and the rest of the world. It's commonly known as "downs-under syndrome", and can easily be cured by moving north of the equator.

For now, the only thing we can do is hope that some day this terrible date-dyslexia plaguing the bottom half of the world can be stopped. It's up to each of us to fight this horrific battle.

-- Jeff

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Re: website dates
Posted by: po
Date: October 03, 2001 04:22AM

ummm... or just wait till the poles shift.

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