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HTML editor and other tricks
Posted by: F.Perini
Date: October 01, 2001 10:57PM

I am used to have a certain browser asking me if I want it to be my default browser,not things like makingg handle applications like Netscape6 did,and fool me and many others in making it the default browser.Now,K-meleon ask me the HTML editor question,which seems to have turned out the same way as NS6,except that it did not wipe out any traces of IE being the default browser,and I am grateful for that.Where do I find a way of permanently remove that HTML Editor stuff?I may have to uninstall,and then do a custom install
The Favorites are a problem,and the entire way of managing bookmarks/favorites is a problem or there is nothing there.I am used to have several bookmarks,in Netscape,and it is possible to rename Here I have three items in my personal toolbar,which could go up to 7-8 if names Boards could be cut down to a more reasonable McAfeeMB,and Information Library could be reduced to McAfeeVIL.
The Favorites are not manageable,because I have IE links which I never use,plus AOL advertising. I will continue to support K-meleon,but what I listed above are big problems which I surely could not find in Mozilla.

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Re: HTML editor and other tricks
Posted by: Fulvio
Date: October 02, 2001 05:18PM

This the wrong place,so I will post again to the Improvement section,with some added experience.

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